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Concerns for financing healthcare revealed

6th September 2010 Print

Our ability to finance our own healthcare in the future has been captured in a report released by healthcare provider Simplyhealth.

The latest Bothered Britain Report has found that over half of UK adults are worried they won't be able to afford to look after their health into old age. These concerns come following weeks of debate around the proposed Government ‘shake up' of public health provision and financing.

However, despite the public's concerns, over half of those surveyed said they are willing to take greater responsibility for their own health. Of the people currently claiming to fully understand the proposed changes to Government healthcare policy (35%), three quarters (75%) believe the ‘shake up' will ultimately have a positive impact on the country in the long term.

James Glover from Simplyhealth says: "It's apparent that times are changing and that individuals and families will not be able to rely solely on public services such as the NHS to take care of their health. Small lifestyle changes individuals' make now can have a big impact on a person's long term health and wellbeing. Our research has found that 71% of people are looking to do more exercise and 67% are going to eat more healthily. It's great that individuals are taking these steps as prevention can be much more effective than simply trying to cure.

"Individuals and families looking to take greater care of their health would also benefit from looking into cash plans. This type of plan enables individuals to budget for the costs of everyday healthcare needs, allowing for treatment when it is needed and not only when purse strings allow. From just £9.75 a month, a cash plan can provide cover, up to an annual limit, on visits to the dentist, optician and access to other healthcare professionals including chiropractors and physiotherapists. Also, up to four children living at home can be included on a cash plan for free. Cash plans encourage individuals and families to keep up with regular healthcare appointments, helping to prevent any problems from developing, and can help encourage better health into old age."  

Established, independent health policy analyst and social commentator, Roy Lilley, says: "This report shows that people are starting to understand the role they need to play in managing their health, which can only be encouraging news for a Government that is busy reshaping the NHS around wellness and not sickness. Years of public health campaigns have bombarded us with messages around nutrition, smoking, and alcohol and perhaps now, in light of the greater need to protect our health system, they are finally getting through."

The Bothered Britain Report is launched today (6 September 2010) as part of Simplyhealth's Bothered Britain Week (6 - 12 September) and is available to the public via Bothered Britain Week is a national health campaign which aims to discover what we are bothered about as a nation, and whether we really are bothered about our health and each other. For the latest campaign updates you can follow us on twitter @simplyhealthuk or go on Facebook and search ‘we can be bothered'.