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Save £509 when you buy a new car

8th September 2010 Print

Savvy shoppers could save up to £509 when buying a new registration car this autumn, simply by sorting out their finance before heading to the garage, according to findings from

Figures from the Finance and Leasing Association show that more than a quarter of a million new car buyers used dealer finance to fund their purchase in the first six months of 2010, equating to nearly half (49.4%) of new car purchases. The majority (57%) of this dealer finance was used for personal contract purchase (PCP), where customers pay a set monthly fee and at the end of the contract have a choice of whether to hand the car back, buy it outright or use any equity towards a deposit on another car.

Whilst the different car finance options can look like an attractive proposition to fund a new car purchase, they don't all lead to outright car ownership at the end of the term.  For those whose aim is to fully buy the car, these deals might not be the most cost effective finance option, and it could pay to sort out a loan before heading to the local dealership.

Chris Griffiths, Head of Loans at, said: "Customers should be certain to consider all finance options available before committing to dealer finance when it comes to purchasing a new car, as a personal loan may prove the cheaper option.  Consumers should try to plan their purchase, giving themselves time in advance to review and research financing options, and should look to shop around.  When looking for a personal loan a customer's existing bank is a good place for them to start as preferential rates may be available for existing customers, but they should still be compared against deals available online and elsewhere.  Borrowers should be sure not to only use the headline APR to weigh up which option will be cheaper, but make sure the monthly repayment amount stacks up, that it is affordable and check the total cost for credit as set up fees may be applied. Lastly, consumers shouldn't totally discount other potential benefits when making a decision, for example dealer finance may include servicing costs while a personal loan provider may allow a payment holiday to be taken during the term of the loan."