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Brits confused about care options for elderly relatives

18th October 2010 Print
National Friendly

New research from specialist health insurer National Friendly reveals that as a nation, we are confused about how to help our elderly relatives when they need care.

National Friendly’s research into care for the elderly revealed that a staggering 77% of people are not aware of the options that are available to them if they had an elderly relative who needed help with their care.

With 84% of people admitting that they do not think care for the elderly is being made a priority by the state, the vast majority of Brits are clearly in need of reassurance from the coalition government as to their future welfare. While the recently founded Commission on the Funding of Care and Support is a step in the right direction, its findings on long term care, due July 2011, cannot come quickly enough.

Worryingly, National Friendly’s research reveals that putting money aside for this purpose is not currently on the radar for the majority, with 84% revealing that they are not currently putting money aside for care when they are older. Perhaps more surprising is that this is despite the belief, by 77% of people, that money that is provided by the state would not be sufficient if they needed help with their care.

Commenting on the research, National Friendly CEO Richard Sear said: “It is clear that people are very confused about their options when it comes to care for the elderly. It is, therefore, vital that in addition to outlining how funding will be provided in the future, the Commission assesses what resources need to be made available to ensure that people can easily find the help and advice they need when accessing long term care.”

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