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Mums on standby to capture every moment

6th December 2010 Print
Mums on standby

A staggering 82% of mums film their children going about their lives up to six times a week.

That’s according to a new study that shows the compulsion to capture every milestone and everyday occurrence and share it with friends and family has reached an all time high. This craze is reflected by the number of parents uploading videos of their children to the internet which has seen a number turn into worldwide viral sensations.

Over 40% say they take more video than they did two years ago, while modern mums are more likely to have a video camera than a change mat in their bag– with mums popping in tiny video devices into their changing bags on a daily basis, along with nappies and other baby essentials.

With mums going online to communicate - over 40% share their moving images with the world via email and social networks and those that watch these videos will need to put a fair bit of time aside to do so, with a fifth of mums’ videos between one minute and three minutes long.

Advances in technology that have made videos easy to shoot and camcorders more portable have a big part to play in the huge increase of camera-mums.

However, it seems many mums are making up for the fact they have no moving images of themselves from when they were kids, with nearly three quarters of those surveyed for the study by Flip Video saying they wished that their parents had taken video of them as children.

But what if the video revolution has passed you by? Do you need some tips to make sure you don’t miss some of those crucial moments that could provide years of entertainment and joy for you and your family?

Gareth Jones, head of European sales for Flip Video at Cisco, comments; “It It is great that new Mums are capturing and sharing their children’s first year so avidly but we’d like to see this continue through every stage of life. There are pivotal moments in every stage of life that we should be shooting and sharing. Mums make a great start in doing this when babies are born but we want to see Baby Broadcasters continue to chart all the fun everyday moments in their children’s lives and keep as a wonderful memory for kids and their own family when they grow up.”

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Mums on standby