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Head for Japan this January

29th December 2010 Print

Dating back to the 12th century, Toh-shiya is an archery contest which takes place at the Sanjusangen-do Temple in Kyoto, Japan.

Archers compete against each other in the Sanjusangen-do Temple which at 120 metres is the world’s longest wooden structure and the event always takes place on the Sunday closest to 15 January.

Traditionally this is the first archery event of the New Year and it attracts contestants of all abilities from across the country.

Admission is free and a Buddhist Monk will pray for your health in the New Year by using a willow branch to sprinkle water over you which has been purified through seven consecutive days of prayer.

Specialist operator Japan Journeys can offer a wide range of guided tours and independent packages to the country taking in such fascinating cultural events.

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