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Mobile Media gets its messages seen with Iveco

5th January 2011 Print

The UK's leading outdoor mobile advertising contractor, Christchurch-based Mobile Media, has taken delivery of two new Iveco Daily 35C13 chassis cabs as part of its rolling fleet replacement programme.  Both vehicles feature the latest back-illuminated bodywork for maximum on-road impact during the day and night.

They join a 100 per cent Iveco commercial vehicle fleet which consists of 75 3.5 tonners spread across the company’s 5 regional depots.  Supplied by Grays Truck & Van, the two Daily’s have been extended to a 5m wheelbase to ensure they can carry the most prominent advertising messages for clients.

Karen Olsen, Managing Director of Mobile Media – which launched the concept of vehicle-based mobile advertising in the UK 25 years ago – says: “These new back-illuminated Daily’s have joined the fleet at a critical time.  During the long dark nights and bad weather, they ensure we can deliver the most prominent mobile outdoor advertising solution for our clients.

“Today our commercial vehicle fleet is entirely Iveco-based.  We used to operate a mix of different vehicle marques, but we’ve learned our lesson!  Streamlining the fleet with a single manufacturer ensures we benefit from all sorts of operational efficiencies; plus the Iveco dealer network provides excellent support nationwide, and vehicle reliability is first class.

“Image is also critically important to our business.  With Daily, we have what is arguably one of the most stylish light commercial vehicles on the market,” she adds.

Mobile Media’s extensive expertise in the outdoor mobile advertising business has seen it design and manufacture a unique patent-pending frame-system which is interchangeable and allows it to install highly-tensioned posters on its vehicles with the minimum of fuss.  This guarantees maximum fleet utilisation, with campaigns able to be booked for as little as a single day anywhere in the UK.

The size of the fleet also enables Mobile Media to offer its clients a rapid advertising delivery system.  Clients can supply finished artwork up until 4pm in the afternoon, and be guaranteed that it will be ‘on the road’ by 9am the following morning nationwide.  This gives the company a proven ability to broadcast a client’s message almost immediately – making Mobile Media a leading supplier to many of the Top 100 retailers.

Every Daily on the fleet is fitted with a satellite navigation system to plot the most efficient route to any campaign delivery area – with mosaic mapping used by Mobile Media to match the right geographic audience with its client’s campaign messaging.  Vehicles also feature TomTom Work telematics systems to allow head office to monitor each driver’s campaign delivery.

The fleet – the largest of its type in the UK – is on the road up to seven days a week.  Vehicles remain in service for between three and five years, and all mileage is carbon offset.  Approximately half of the fleet feature back-illuminated technology.

Both Daily 35C13’s are powered by a Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) 2.3 litre engine, which is capable of producing up to 136 hp between 3,000 and 3,900 rev/min and up to 320 Nm of torque between 1,700 and 3,000 rev/min.  The quality of these engines is illustrated by the constant maximum torque over a wide range and available from the lowest engine speed, meaning they are comfortable in heavy traffic and respond quickly to sudden acceleration.  This in turn puts a reduced strain on the engine which means enhanced fuel consumption, increased productivity and less mechanical stress, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Each of these Daily engines is designed to operate with 100 per cent synthetic oil and allows service intervals to be extended to 40,000 km, resulting in a significant reduction in downtime and operating costs.

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