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Childfree living in a family-focused society

18th January 2011 Print
Childfree living in a family-focused society

Licensed Clinical Psychologist Ellen L Walker examines the often-ignored question of what it means to be childfree, by choice or by circumstance, in a family-focused society.

Recognising that there is no one childfree adult, the author guides the reader through the positive and negative aspects of childfree living, taking into consideration the different issues faced by men or women, couples or singles, whether gay or straight.

As a woman who is childfree by choice, Walker draws upon her personal experience while also offering the reader numerous interviews with other childfree adults, revealing behind-the-scenes factors that influenced their personal journeys. She approaches the tough-decision making process of whether or not to have children from a biological, historical, and societal perspective, offering valuable information on: The unique set of problems that childfree adults face simply due to living in a culture that celebrates babies and traditional families; Methods to cope with the pressure to have children from media, family, and friends in a healthy way; How to create balance and approach the leisure time allowed by a childfree lifestyle and; Financial, health, and personal benefits associated with childfree living.

Offering support, guidance, and thought-provoking questions, this is a productive guide for any reader considering the childfree path.

Author Ellen L Walker is a clinical psychologist specialising in life changes and decision making, among other areas. She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Seattle Pacific University, and has a psychology practice in Washington State.

Priced at £12.50, published by Greenleaf Book Group, isbn 9781608320738.

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Childfree living in a family-focused society