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Audi scores a hat-trick of BusinessCar Awards

25th January 2011 Print
Audi R8

Audi has picked up a trio of BusinessCar Awards thanks to category wins for the Audi Q5, A3 and R8. The Audi Q5 topped the Small 4x4 category at the Fleet publication’s annual awards for the second consecutive time. The A3 also clinched the Lower Medium Car of the year accolade for the third time in five years, while the R8 retained its Sporting Car of the year title.

Audi Q5 is hard to beat
The Audi Q5 holds on to its title of Small 4x4 of the Year for the second successive year. Paul Barker, Editor of BusinessCar, explained that the Audi Q5 is “a cost-effective yet extremely appealing model” for the fleet market. Barker continued: “In a tough segment, the Q5’s repeated success shows its quality, and business car fleets are obviously as impressed as we are.”

A3 is a Fleet favourite
The A3 has also confirmed its status as a stalwart of the BusinessCar Awards by scooping the title of Lower Medium Car of the year. Barker said: “The Audi A3 has proved to be a consistent fleet favourite, combining premium brand image with low running costs and emissions to offer a great business car proposition, which means it’s no surprise that the readers of BusinessCar have picked the A3 as their favourite lower medium model in 2011.”

R8 is a class act
The R8 may not spring to mind as a natural Fleet car, but 147 R8s were registered as fleet purchases in 2010. BusinessCar readers were taken with its high-performance credentials and voted it Sporting Car of the year. Paul Barker explained: “Though Audi’s R8 is far from a typical business car, it’s a sign of how far the Audi brand has come that it’s judged as the most appealing sporting model across the whole industry. The looks, performance and badge appeal make for a winning combination in this most desirable of segments.”

Iain Carmichael, Head of Fleet Sales at Audi UK, said: “Winning three BusinessCar awards marks a really great start to the year for Audi, and the fact that the Q5 and R8 have replicated their successes from 2010 by picking up their second wins in a row only adds more icing to the cake. The BusinessCar awards are really important to us because it’s the people who buy and run our fleet cars who vote for them. They are a genuine affirmation of the calibre of our model range and its competitiveness at all levels in the fleet sector.”

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