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Abbey International reduces minimum balance for Fixed Deposit Contracts

17th February 2011 Print

Abbey International, the Jersey based offshore bank has reduced the minimum balance requirement on its 12 and 18 month Fixed Deposit Contracts to £50,000, making these popular accounts significantly more accessible to a wider audience of offshore clients.

Currently, a fixed rate of 3.10% gross/AER is offered over 18 months, with 3.00%gross/AER payable over 12 months and 2.00% gross/AER over 9 months. Abbey International has also recently launched a 2 Year Fixed Deposit Contract paying 3.55% gross/AER, which complements its Best Buy 3 Year and 5 Year Best Buy accounts.

At the same time, interest rates on the bank’s 12 month US dollar Fixed Deposit Contract were increased to 2.30% gross/AER. The US dollar Fixed Deposit Contract can be opened with a minimum balance of $150,000. Abbey International also offers a Euro 12 month Fixed Deposit Contract paying 2.60% gross/AER with a minimum balance of €100,000.

Abbey International is part of the highly regarded Santander Group, which has more than 150 years experience in banking and has clients all over the world. Santander has an AA credit rating from Fitch and Aa2 rating from Moody’s credit rating agencies.

For further information on banking with Abbey International in Jersey, log onto: