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STaSIS Signature Audi S4 enhancement packages

22nd February 2011 Print
Audi S4

Now available from leading independent Audi specialist APS of Brackley, North American VAG performance house STaSIS Engineering debuts its impressive Signature series of Audi enhancement packages in the UK with the Signature Series S4.

STaSIS’s unique blend of cohesive powertrain and dynamic suspension and braking upgrades elevates the supercharged Audi S4 to the top of its performance class.

STaSIS’s engineers have carefully developed the 2010 onwards Audi S4’s supercharged V6, 3.0-litre TFSI engine, increasing performance from a measured standard 333 bhp / 344 lb.ft of torque to a scintillating 410 bhp / 370 lb.ft.

The STaSIS Signature S4 is available now from APS of Brackley, in two versions:-

The Touring Edition combines the significant power and torque increase with aggressive suspension and bespoke wheels to Audi's signature sports saloon to deliver additional poise and grace.

The Challenge Edition refines the Touring package with additional racing technology for the road. Everything STaSIS’s engineers have learned at the racetrack has been distilled into an S4 upgrade package that’s also been specified to be civilised for town driving.

From concept to production each new STaSIS component is rigourously tested to ensure maximum performance and factory levels of reliability.

STaSIS Signature S4 Components

Signature S4 Touring Edition

Exhaust - Quad outlet with tunable low RPM resonators
Engine - Engine Tuning Software – performance increases to 410 bhp / 370 lb.ft
Suspension – 1 inch lower, Increased spring rate, anti-roll bar kit and matched bushings & bump stops
Brakes - Optional high-performance street pads and braided stainless steel lines
Wheels – 20 inch x 8.5 inch lightweight cast aluminum wheels, Optional 19 inch x 9 inch lightweight cast aluminum wheels
Tyres – High performance

Signature S4 Challenge Edition

Exhaust - Quad outlet with tunable high RPM resonators (recommended for manual transmission)
Engine - Engine Tuning Software – performance increases to 410 bhp / 370 lb.ft
Suspension - Ohlins SL dampers, increased spring rate and high performance anti-roll bar kit
Brakes - 6-piston Alcon monobloc calipers, 370 mm 2-piece discs (390-mm optional), stainless steel brake lines & high-performance pads
Differential - high-bias centre differential (manual transmission only)
Wheels – 20 inch x 9.5 inch ultra-lightweight forged aluminum wheels
Tyres – extreme performance

The STaSIS Signature S4 packages are available now exclusively from APS of Brackley, with prices starting at £12,500 including VAT @ 20% and installation.

Customers are also able to purchase individual Audi S4 STaSIS Signature series components from APS of Brackley on a piecemeal basis, with prices available on request.

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