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Tesco appoints young entrepreneurs

1st April 2011 Print
Tesco appoints young entrepreneurs

Tesco is creating a new Board to help shape a key initiative - made up entirely of children.

Six youngsters, aged from just nine to 12, will be selected on the basis of their budding boardroom skills as a fledgling director.

The young entrepreneurs will attend official Kids' Board meetings at Tesco HQ - and will be tasked with shaping the future of the popular Tesco for Schools & Clubs programme.

To be considered for a place on the Kids' Board, children will have to make the case for why they should be 'hired' through the online application.  They'll need to demonstrate that they have a talent for making decisions and a vision for the future.

Lucy Neville-Rolfe, Executive Director, Tesco said: "Children are full of good ideas so we thought they should have a chance to make some of them happen. And what better way than giving them the opportunity to shape our hugely popular Tesco for Schools & Clubs programme and in the process, also win a prize for their school or club."

Nicky Cox, Editor of First News, the award-winning national newspaper for children and one of the judges selecting the Kids' Board said: "Lots of our leading business figureheads say that they demonstrated their commercial skills from a young age. We hope this opportunity gives the nation's budding entrepreneurs of the future a flavour for what goes on in business."

In addition to the high profile position, the six Kids' Board members will each win 10,000 Tesco for Schools & Clubs vouchers for their school or club, as well as a laptop and digital camera.

Last year alone, Tesco gave away over 430,000 pieces of equipment to schools and clubs, worth a huge £9.3 million.

Entries close on 20th May. For more information or to summit a nomination for the Tesco Kids' Board please go to:

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Tesco appoints young entrepreneurs