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Coyote - the perfect driving companion for an Easter trip

7th April 2011 Print

With Easter fast approaching, and many Brits deciding to drive over to Europe for a pre-summer getaway or last minute ski-trip, the Mini Coyote V2 GPS Speed Camera Alert System will help keep drivers clean whilst driving on the Continent.

Driving in Europe can often be confusing, with road signs and road markings varying from country to country, leading to unintentionally exceeding the speed limit and the hassle of having to deal with foreign authorities. A study carried out by the French Transport Ministry found that 900,000 German drivers, 550,000 Britons and 350,000 Italians are caught out by French cameras every year.

The A26 motorway, heading south from the Calais ferry and channel tunnel is the most common offending stretch in France. Over the summer months, Brits make up three-quarters of all drivers pulled over for speeding on the 70-mile stretch.

If caught speeding, you could receive an unpleasant £65 on-the-spot fine, and should you be unable to pay right there and then, you could be duly escorted to the nearest cashpoint. Refusing to pay puts you at risk of being arrested and having your car impounded. For speeds of 25mph over the limit, a hefty fine of £1,200 can be imposed.

The Mini Coyote V2 offers a solution to getting caught by fixed speed cameras, and with a unique ‘community’ facility, the device allows users to alert each other to the location of mobile speed cameras at the touch of a button. So with a huge community of over 800,000 users across Europe, the Mini Coyote V2 works hard to help drivers ‘Keep Safe, Keep Legal, Keep Driving’.

In addition to this, the device also displays the speed limit for every road you drive on, as well as your current speed, and it also warns drivers of variations in speed limits on all roads across 28 European countries. By issuing incident alerts, the device warns drivers of high risk and congestion charge zones, offering the driver peace of mind.

The Mini Coyote V2 GPS Speed Camera Alert System, launched to the UK market in November 2010, is priced at £185 including VAT and 12 months free UK subscription. Customers wishing to upgrade their subscription from the outset to include European coverage can do so for £50 by calling Coyote Customer Service on 0845 504 8969. Annual subscription renewal prices remain at £89 for UK coverage, or £119 for European coverage. All prices include VAT.

The device is distributed online via and The Carphone Warehouse’s website, the multi-billion pound firm’s specialist in-car division.