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Chill out with a Chai Latte

11th April 2011 Print
Iced Chai Latte

The lovely people at Drink Me Chai, which makes Chai Latte; a luscious blend of sweetened black tea, milk and spices, have come up with a cool way to enjoy this usually hot drink all summer long!

Simply blend together some Spiced Chai powder, ice cold milk and ice for the perfect quick iced Chai Latte...or if you are feeling indulgent, dollop in some ice-cream for a dreamy Chai Latte shake.

Not only will iced Chai Latte cool you down but it is 99% caffeine free, contains all the antioxidant benefits of tea AND is low you can feel virtuous while sipping it too!

As well as their Spiced and Vanilla Chai Latte with enticing scents of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, Drink Me Chai has just launched new flavours with Chocolate, Mango and last but not least, Peppermint.

So where can you buy this simply lovely drink? Spiced and Vanilla are available in the malted/hot drinks section of most supermarkets, and at a number of high street coffee chains and the new flavours can be purchased online through, and .

Meet the team from Drink Me Chai this year at a number of tastings and food exhibitions across the UK including The Bath Coffee Festival (21-22 May). To keep up with the latest news from Drink Me Chai click onto:

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Iced Chai Latte