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Asda shoppers go ga-ga for baby aubergines

24th June 2011 Print
Asda shoppers go ga-ga for baby aubergines

Asda has launched the small but perfectly formed baby aubergine in stores as the craze for miniature vegetables continues to sweep the nation.

For those with a passion for Indian curries and Mediterranean dishes, Asda’s baby aubergines have been carefully selected and harvested early to create the perfect bite size canapés or for use in curry dishes with an Indian twist.

Baby aubergines have recently been added to Asda’s range of baby vegetables due to customer demand and a growing trend of inclusion on high profile restaurant menus and usage by celebrity chefs. Asda has seen a 10% sale uplift in the past year alone of its baby vegetables including cauliflower, carrots and cabbage and from next week the supermarket will be launching baby pears in-store.

At less than a quarter of the size of the standard variety, baby aubergines have the same texture and taste of a standard size aubergine. With sales of normal sized aubergine up 15% on last year, they’re a great alternative for those who love the taste but don’t want to purchase a whole one for risk of leftovers in the fridge.

Baby aubergines are usually grown abroad in hot climates, however Asda’s are grown on Watt’s Farm in Kent by Joe Cottingham who won UK Young Grower of the Year in 2008 for his growing techniques in fresh salad, herbs and stir fry mixes to name a few.

Fried baby aubergine slices make great Spanish tapas, while the roasted flesh finely chopped is often served as Middle-Eastern mezze. In India baby aubergines can be used for curries and fritters coated in flour batter. Other aubergine inspired dishes with global appeal include French ratatouille and Greek moussaka.

Helen Lear, Produce Category Planner at Asda said: “Our baby aubergines are new in-store and we’re sure will be a massive hit with savvy restaurateurs and shoppers alike. Not only do they look cute enough to eat, they’re versatile for both our curry and mezze loving customers. Or for cuisine closer to home, simply toss them in olive oil and scatter with fresh herbs before searing on the BBQ – the ideal canapé to enjoy on a sizzling hot day!”

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Asda shoppers go ga-ga for baby aubergines