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Ryanair launches ‘Cash Passport’ card to deliver huge savings

11th October 2011 Print

Ryanair has launched its Ryanair Cash Passport card in the UK and confirmed that all card holders are fully protected and will enjoy huge savings every time they use the card to purchase Ryanair flights. This new card will allow all holders to avoid Ryanair’s £6 administration fee every time they fly Ryanair. This card costs £6 to obtain (through, but this fee is reimbursed by Ryanair with a £6 flight voucher.

Ryanair corrected the untrue claim made by the UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) who wrongly claimed that Ryanair Cash Passport card holders would lose their money in the highly unlikely event that Mastercard’s card issuer goes bust. In such an unlikely event, both Ryanair and Access Prepaid (a Mastercard subsidiary) confirmed that ALL monies loaded onto Ryanair Cash Passport cards are held in trust for Mastercard cardholders and are protected.

Ryanair also addressed inaccurate criticisms from rival card provider Fair FX by highlighting a host of Fair FX charges which Ryanair Cash Passport holders don’t pay, and provided a like for like comparison which highlights the low cost advantages of Ryanair’s Cash Passport card. 

The ‘Ryanair Cash Passport’, is now available on to allow all UK passengers to avoid Ryanair’s £6 admin fee, thereby further reducing the cost of travel for Ryanair passengers with a Ryanair Cash Passport.  All other UK MasterCard Prepaid cards will be subject to a £6 admin fee from 1st Nov next.

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary said: “Ryanair’s new Cash Passport card makes other Prepaid products far less attractive as only Ryanair Cash Passport holders will be able to avoid Ryanair’s £6 admin fee from 1st November.  A true like for like comparison shows that the Ryanair Cash Passport card is much more competitive than the Fair FX card and Ryanair’s current MasterCard pre-paid products for flights purchased on

The Ryanair Cash Passport card is available directly from to allow all UK passengers to save even more money every time they fly Ryanair.”

Access Prepaid Worldwide’s, Debra Janssen said: “We are delighted to be working with Ryanair to develop this exciting ‘Ryanair Cash Passport’ prepaid product for their UK passengers, allowing them to ensure they are using a trusted and approved product that will deliver real savings every time they purchase a Ryanair flight.”