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Get a grip on winter driving with Skoda

19th October 2011 Print

Last year an early cold snap caught thousands of motorists by surprise, and with forecasters predicting yet another severe winter for the UK, it’s more important than ever to be prepared.
To ensure drivers don’t get caught out as the winter draws in, participating Skoda Retailers are offering customers a set of winter tyres from just £248.00 – helping them to drive safely whatever the weather.
Temperature is crucial to the performance of tyres, and below 7ºC, the softer compound and tread design of winter tyres gives significantly better grip and braking performance than regular tyres.
Despite the common misconception that winter tyres are only for use in snow and ice, drivers can benefit from using winter tyres in all conditions, wet or dry. Last year alone saw almost five months of the year when winter tyres would have been the safer choice for UK motorists.
The key benefits of winter tyres are:

Shorter breaking distances – The braking distance of a winter tyre in cold conditions is up to 10% shorter than a regular tyre, around two vehicle lengths.

Resistance to aquaplaning – The winter tyre tread pattern is designed to displace water and slush from under the tyre, reducing aquaplaning.

Increased grip – Winter tyres have a softer compound with a high natural rubber content to increase grip in cold conditions.
Winter Check - Skoda’s Seven Steps To A Worry-Free Winter
Skoda Retailers are also offering customers a complete Winter Check to ensure their car is ready for the forthcoming season.
The Winter Check is on offer to Skoda customers for just £19.99 and includes a full vehicle health check with specific focus on the key vehicle systems that are critical for safe winter driving.
Skoda recommends the following seven important checks to prepare your Skoda for winter - all carried out by highly-trained technicians as part of a Winter Check.

1. Lights– Are they aligned correctly? Perfectly aligned lights enable drivers to have the best possible visibility, critically important during winter’s dark days and nights.

2. Wiper blades – Severe weather puts increased demands on wiper blades, so it’s crucial to make sure they’re in good condition before winter begins.

3. Windscreen washer fluid – Skoda technicians will check it is topped up with the correct antifreeze screen wash fluid.

4. Brakes– Fast, responsive brakes are essential in winter, so the pads, discs and brake fluid are checked allowing drivers to brake more effectively.

5. Tyres– The condition of the tyres is checked, plus customers will be given additional advice about choosing winter tyres.

6. Battery– Winter puts extra strain on batteries, so technicians will check they’re in good working order before cold weather hits.

7. Air-con– By ensuring the air-con is in good shape, drivers need not worry about a winter of condensation.
At any Skoda dealership nationwide, services are undertaken by skilled technicians who have the knowledge and expertise to service vehicles using genuine approved Skoda parts which carry a two year unlimited mileage warranty. All Skoda dealerships comply with the Motor Industry Code of Practise and strive to offer fantastic customer service at competitive rates.

All Skoda retailers also subscribe to the Motor Industry Service & Repair Code and the majority are signed up to Skoda’s Customer Promise – a set of standards to ensure that every Skoda customer enjoys a flexible and convenient service which draws on their retailers’ expertise and attention to detail. Every visit should be easy and enjoyable, leaving the customer in no doubt that their Skoda is being maintained to the highest standard.
To find out more, and receive a free Winter Tyre Guide, visit your local Skoda dealership.

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