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Ice cool Alfa Romeo in ice hockey challenge

20th February 2012 Print
Alfa Giulietta

With cold wintery weather dominating the headlines recently, Alfa Romeo created  a unique video highlighting the Alfa Giulietta’s superior capabilities when it comes to agility and control on ice, which has now had over 490,000 YouTube views.
Using Alfa’s unique D.N.A. system, the Italian car manufacturer wanted to showcase the Giulietta’s All Weather capabilities, and so teamed up with stunt driver Paul Swift and the UK’s top ice hockey team, Coventry Blaze, to create the ultimate ice hockey driving video.
In an industry first, the video was captured using only iPhone 4S technology and features an Alfa Romeo Giulietta on the Coventry Skydome ice rink, taking on Team Blaze star, David Phillips, in a challenge of icy skill and pinpoint control.  The mission set was to achieve the near impossible – getting a car to play ice hockey.
In the one minute 40 second video, viewers get to see the Alfa rise to the challenge and deliver two exceptional trick shots – the Giulietta strikes a one inch thick by three inch diameter hockey puck from just inside the end zone into the home team’s six feet wide net which was  guarded by a goaltender. The video can now be viewed at
Once placed in All-weather D.N.A. mode - unique to the Alfa Giulietta and Alfa MiTo models – the Alfa Romeo is readily equipped to face the most difficult conditions.  Part of the Alfa D.N.A. vehicle dynamics system, All Weather is selected via a simple to use high-tech switch, and heightens all safety features on the car , improving control and handling in adverse weather conditions, or whatever the UK weather may throw our way.
Damien Dally, Head of Brand, Alfa Romeo UK says: “We wanted to show-off the Alfa Giulietta’s All Weather abilities in a fun and engaging way, whilst communicating an important message.
“This demonstration of control and agility on the ice using the All-weather setting highlights the hidden technology in our cars, and shows how the Alfa Giulietta can cope with adverse driving surfaces at the flick of a switch. Of course it also proves that an Alfa Giulietta can, in fact, play ice hockey!”
The Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 TB 120 bhp starts at £17,755 OTR, while the Alfa MiTo 1.4 MultiAir 105 bhp, which also features the unique Alfa D.N.A. system, starts from £13,955 OTR and both now come with three years complimentary servicing. For more information on the full Alfa Romeo range or to book a test drive visit,

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Alfa Giulietta