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Influencer marketing budgets set to increase for nearly 60% of the fashion and beauty industry

Influencer marketing is well-established in fashion and beauty with the majority intending to increase investments in this space, yet identifying the right influencer remains the biggest challenge, finds the Fashion and Beauty Monitor and Econsultancy report.

Could your business benefit from SMS marketing in 2016?

The new year is a good time to take a fresh look at your marketing strategy and see if there are any improvements that can be made.

Parents find new white knight to fight a rapid rise in their childrens’ addiction to internet devices

Parents worry about their children, it's their job, but the near endless access to the internet now available in both the home and outside had created so many more things to worry about.

What to consider before registering a domain name

A domain name is the one of the most important parts of your website. The name brands your company or personal site, it affects how much traffic you get, it affects how high your rank in the Google SERPs; bottom line, it affects all of the aspects that allow your site to be successful.

One in five parents do not trust their kids online

One in five parents do not trust their kids online

Half of parents of young children have admitted secretly going through their kids’ phone – with disturbing results, according to new research.

Security organisation requests public to hack own website

With website hacking seemingly taking a permanent place in the news at the moment, one website has actually asked hackers to seek out any vulnerabilities – essentially asking thieves to steal from your home to see how well your alarm system works.

Next year’s web design trends revealed

As we’re quickly approaching 2016, it should go without saying that technology across the board should be quicker, easier to use, and look better than ever.

10 unique ways to make money from home

Everyone is feeling the pinch at the moment and the need for extra money is growing ever greater. If you are looking to make cash from home, there are plenty of ways for you to start supplementing your income today.

How to prevent your website from hackers

Seeing as the UK’s digital economy is booming, businesses that operate online are becoming an increasingly attractive target for cyber criminals.

5 careers created by technology in the past 5 years

The world is quickly shifting and adapting to the advances in technology that are taking place - and with it new job roles are created to keep up with demand.

How to save your money by using various online voucher and discounts

The current economic conditions mean that most people need to be smart with their money. Shopping has become more of a bargain hunt – people going to great lengths in order to save a bit of money from everyday things.

Everything you need to know about CDN & Mobile SEO

Is a CDN right for your business, and how can it affect your Search Engine Optimisation performance?

How has technology affected our social lifestyles?

For many of us, our daily pattern starts with this: wake up, switch on the smartphone, and check email and social media. For many of us, that is how our day ends – and how we use virtually every spare second of the day, too.

How the use of social media can improve your leads

For businesses of all kinds, but especially those that are used to face-to-face customer interaction, it can be easy to dismiss the value of social media for generating leads.

Brits log off from celebrities and on to bloggers

Brits log off from celebrities and on to bloggers

Celebrities have long partnered with beauty brands to drive product purchasing, but it seems today’s beauty consumer is more interested in what the girl or boy next door is using.