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Millions of UK consumers get satisfaction by complaining on social media

Millions of UK consumers have taken to social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to air their grievances about companies’ products and services.

Festival goers spend up to £9.3 billion just for Instagram image

UK festival goers are set to spend an average of £179 on clothes and accessories– close to the cost of a 2016 Glastonbury ticket – just to create the perfect festival image for Instagram, according to new research from B, the new money management app.

The steps you need to take to ensure your business is a success online

Any business manager worth their salt should appreciate just how important a company’s online presence is. Today, our lives are dominated by technology and the expectations of the modern consumer are such that having a solid online offering is essential.

Robots are speaking out: your chatbot would like to have a word with you

With today’s technology, it's no longer quite accurate to say that the future is already upon us. Sometimes it seems more like the future actually arrived yesterday and we’re just racing to catch up.

Savvy Brits have snagged over £1.8 billion in social media prizes

New research from Money has found that it can pay to be social as millions of people are trying their luck and entering competitions and giveaways via social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Tryzens brings Managed Services to online retailer’s new website

Avenue 32 is a women’s online luxury fashion retailer founded in 2011 by Roberta Benteler. Avenue 32 hosts a range of both celebrated and emerging designers, including Alexander Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Peter Pilotto and Victoria Beckham. Avenue 32 sells clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories to over 100 countries around the world.

29% of UK online grocery shoppers are shopping for groceries more online now than a year ago

29% of UK online grocery shoppers are shopping for groceries more online now than a year ago

The days of heading to the supermarket are over for some Brits as they trade trolleys for home delivery.

Everything you need to know about archiving all that data

Collecting data is essential to success. Consider Big Data, which is when large data sets are analyzed to reveal trends among your customers and clients.

Is the internet becoming less secure?

Is the internet becoming less secure?

There’s been no shortage of scandals surrounding internet security within recent months. A seemingly endless stream of websites appear to be hacked, with companies such as vTech, Ashley Madison and TalkTalk, to give a few high-profile examples, having their databases compromised.

The secrets to success in the world of social

The secrets to success in the world of social

Social media shouldn't be something that you integrate into your business strategy of lifestyle simply to say that you can for the sake of it. It's not enough just to have social media account, or even a one-size-fits-all approach to the matter.

Why your business should invest in creative marketing campaigns this year

Why your business should invest in creative marketing campaigns this year

It's easy to presume that the reasons to get inventive with your business's marketing campaigns in 2016 are much the same as in any other year, including the opportunity to spread the word about your firm's offerings to an ever-wider audience.

5 ways of making extra money at home

It can be difficult to make your monthly salary stretch to cover all expenses and most of us are constantly looking for ways of getting more from our money - whether that be saving cash on our grocery shopping or switching energy provider.

How to get your customers involved in your business

Customers have never found it so easy to talk to businesses. Gone are the days of phone calls and handwritten letters – they’re now talking to their favourite brands using social media and they’re talking about us on major websites too.

The differences between VPS and shared hosting

Don’t worry if you feel confused or overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right hosting solution for your website, as this is perfectly natural.

Business web hosting FAQ

What is web hosting? Web hosting is one of the three essential components to any online presence. First, you need a web address, or domain name, which is referred to as a uniform resource locator (URL).