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Center Parcs launches the first real Twitter feed

Leading family short breaks provider, Center Parcs has unveiled the first ‘real Twitter’ feed. For one week only, the birds of Center Parcs will ‘take-over’ the Center Parcs Twitter feed (@CenterParcsUK), giving people the chance to discover and enjoy ‘real Tweets’ direct from the forest in its #RealTweetWeek.

Brits fatigued by the high cost of shopping around for the lowest price

Over three quarters (79%) of Brits believe that there are so many options for shopping around to find the best deal that they feel bewildered and don’t always know who to trust, with 65% pinning this distrust on the overwhelming volume of price comparison sites.

How to enjoy the indoors

How to enjoy the indoors

People talk of the 'great outdoors' with such rightful conviction. We have a wonderful and captivating world that is more accessible to us than ever due to current technology.

Social media and mobile tech has created ‘citizen editors’

Social media and mobile tech has created ‘citizen editors’

New research has found social media and mobile technology has created a generation of exceptionally skilled ‘citizen editors’.

How technology is aiding big businesses to achieve customer satisfaction

A business survives because there are customers who support it. Without customers, there clearly can be no business and it’s no wonder that, as a result, customer service is considered the lifeblood of any organization.

Botnet 101: Everything you need to know about zombie armies, DDoS attacks, and your website

It may have been your assumption that because you successfully graduated from high school, you would no longer have to worry about a bunch of soulless entities being controlled by one evil mastermind selecting you as a target for all kinds of abuse and devastating damage.

Insurers unable to adequately answer consumer questions online

UK insurers are failing to deliver multichannel customer service to customers and prospects, answering just 40% of routine questions asked via the web, email and Twitter.

How e-commerce affects the economy at large

Electronic commerce has changed the way that many people shop. At the click of a button, you can order anything from a new pair of jeans to a brand new car. According to a survey conducted by global design consultants, Continuum, convenience is the top reason for shoppers to purchase products online.

Social media revealed as a key influence on the nation’s wardrobe

Social media revealed as a key influence on the nation’s wardrobe

Brits spend £815 million to ‘social media proof’ their wardrobe with men spending MORE than women.

Top tips for finding your niche

Top tips for finding your niche

Giles English, Co-Founder of Bremont Watch Company, provides seven top tips for niche businesses looking for global market success.

3 reasons why businesses should invest in ecommerce

Ecommerce in the business world is now very much the “in” trend and truthfully that doesn’t look set to change anytime soon, in fact, Ecommerce is going from strength to strength, benefitting businesses all over the globe.

The ‘modern’ signs of true love

The ‘modern’ signs of true love

We used to say it with flowers — but now the true sign of modern love is a change in Facebook status from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’, according to new research.

Charitable social media campaigns make 16-24 year-olds Britain’s second highest donators

It seems that the younger generation of UK adults have been putting the selfless in selfie as social media campaigns have sparked a generous average of charitable contributions amongst 16-24’s.

Over half of Brits now shop for groceries online

Over half of UK adults (54%) now do some or all of their food shopping online, according to research carried out on behalf of thinkmoney. Most (48%) combine online orders with trips to stores, but 6% say that they only shop for groceries online.

Amazon’s Sunday deliveries more than quadruple year on year

Amazon has announced that Sunday deliveries have grown by more than four times in the last year as more customers across the UK discover the benefits of receiving orders seven days a week.