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What to consider before registering a domain name

A domain name is the one of the most important parts of your website. The name brands your company or personal site, it affects how much traffic you get, it affects how high your rank in the Google SERPs; bottom line, it affects all of the aspects that allow your site to be successful.

Everything you need to know about CDN & Mobile SEO

Is a CDN right for your business, and how can it affect your Search Engine Optimisation performance?

Botnet 101: Everything you need to know about zombie armies, DDoS attacks, and your website

It may have been your assumption that because you successfully graduated from high school, you would no longer have to worry about a bunch of soulless entities being controlled by one evil mastermind selecting you as a target for all kinds of abuse and devastating damage.

Price comparison websites continue to squeeze out big brands

Price comparison websites are squeezing out traditional financial brands online, taking more than 60% of all online traffic in the sector, according to the latest Stickyeyes Intelligence Report.

We don’t recall key dates from history because we ‘Google it’ instead

Our ability to instantly recall key dates in history is all but dead – because we’d rather ‘Google-It’, it has been shown.

Google Fiber: 4 reasons you shouldn't get your hopes up

Google Fiber: 4 reasons you shouldn't get your hopes up

Fans of high-speed Internet have been buzzing about Google Fiber since it was a glimmer in the tech giant's eye. Google Fiber promises connection speeds that leave even most cable and DSL providers in the dust, which is worth getting excited about.

A year in the UK: Google's Top Searches of 2012

Google has announced its annual Zeitgeist, revealing this year's most searched celebrities, Olympians, major events and hottest trends based on internet searches conducted in the UK in 2012.

Half of internet users unsure if content is legal

Nearly half of all internet users are unsure whether the content they are accessing online is legal, Ofcom research has found.

Google Street View goes diving on the Great Barrier Reef

Google Street View goes diving on the Great Barrier Reef

In what could possibly be the biggest technological announcement since the moon landing, Google will today reveal the launch of underwater Street View for Google Maps.

Gmail in Google search results: Marketers will have a data gap to plug

Google has announced a trial which will enable people using the search engine to see search queries feature results from their Gmail account.

Food - fastest growing sector for mobile searches

Total retail search volumes grew 9% in the second quarter of 2012 compared with the same quarter a year earlier.

76% of people conduct online searches in two or more languages

It might be assumed that not many people conduct online searches in more than one language. However, results from a global survey undertaken by leading independent digital marketing agency, Greenlight, suggest quite the opposite, that a significant 76% do.

Google and Facebook will both be front and centre in 'social search'

Findings from a survey undertaken by leading independent digital marketing agency, Greenlight, indicate that Google+ might be more successful than most have initially speculated and that Facebook could potentially capture close to a quarter of the search market globally were it to launch a search engine of its own tomorrow.

Kindle and Blackberry attracting more searches than iPhone 4

Over 13 million UK searches were conducted online for consumer electronics in February with Amazon's 'Kindle' and Research In Motion's 'Blackberry' attracting more queries than those for Apple 'iPhone 4s'.

London Stock Exchange and Google sign data agreement

London Stock Exchange Group plc ("LSEG" or "the Group") has signed a data licence agreement with Google to allow it to distribute real-time ‘last trade price' data free of charge.