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89% of Brits let up to 4 people know their social media passwords

Reading the terms and conditions before signing up to a new social media app is often perceived as a laborious task. But do Brits know what they are agreeing to when they fail to read the small print?

4 ways to keep your kids safe on the Internet

4 ways to keep your kids safe on the Internet

With their growing importance to the way the world works, learning how to use networked and internet capable devices like laptops and smartphones is more vital than ever.

How to create the perfect poster campaign for your big business

Big businesses need to make a big noise. They need their message to be seen and heard by a large number of people to attract people to their products and services.

Authenticity is critical to success, say 67% of social influencers

Social influencers are at the forefront, shaping digital communications for the fashion and beauty industries, yet there remains a massive disconnect in the way influencers and brands currently work together, finds the new Fashion and Beauty Monitor report produced in association with Econsultancy.

Millions of UK consumers get satisfaction by complaining on social media

Millions of UK consumers have taken to social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to air their grievances about companies’ products and services.

Festival goers spend up to £9.3 billion just for Instagram image

UK festival goers are set to spend an average of £179 on clothes and accessories– close to the cost of a 2016 Glastonbury ticket – just to create the perfect festival image for Instagram, according to new research from B, the new money management app.

Robots are speaking out: your chatbot would like to have a word with you

With today’s technology, it's no longer quite accurate to say that the future is already upon us. Sometimes it seems more like the future actually arrived yesterday and we’re just racing to catch up.

Savvy Brits have snagged over £1.8 billion in social media prizes

New research from Money has found that it can pay to be social as millions of people are trying their luck and entering competitions and giveaways via social media like Facebook and Twitter.

The secrets to success in the world of social

The secrets to success in the world of social

Social media shouldn't be something that you integrate into your business strategy of lifestyle simply to say that you can for the sake of it. It's not enough just to have social media account, or even a one-size-fits-all approach to the matter.

Why your business should invest in creative marketing campaigns this year

Why your business should invest in creative marketing campaigns this year

It's easy to presume that the reasons to get inventive with your business's marketing campaigns in 2016 are much the same as in any other year, including the opportunity to spread the word about your firm's offerings to an ever-wider audience.

How to get your customers involved in your business

Customers have never found it so easy to talk to businesses. Gone are the days of phone calls and handwritten letters – they’re now talking to their favourite brands using social media and they’re talking about us on major websites too.

Influencer marketing budgets set to increase for nearly 60% of the fashion and beauty industry

Influencer marketing is well-established in fashion and beauty with the majority intending to increase investments in this space, yet identifying the right influencer remains the biggest challenge, finds the Fashion and Beauty Monitor and Econsultancy report.

Parents find new white knight to fight a rapid rise in their childrens’ addiction to internet devices

Parents worry about their children, it's their job, but the near endless access to the internet now available in both the home and outside had created so many more things to worry about.

One in five parents do not trust their kids online

One in five parents do not trust their kids online

Half of parents of young children have admitted secretly going through their kids’ phone – with disturbing results, according to new research.

How has technology affected our social lifestyles?

For many of us, our daily pattern starts with this: wake up, switch on the smartphone, and check email and social media. For many of us, that is how our day ends – and how we use virtually every spare second of the day, too.