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March to a bonus with Capital One credit card

6th March 2012 Print

From March 6th until the end of the month, Capital One will be giving away a £10 bonus on all successful card applications made through its website. 

The bonus applies to successful applications for all cards on the website including the Capital One World MasterCard offering 5% cashback; the Capital One Click card for online shopping; the Capital One Business card, the Capital One Progress card, the Capital One Balance card and the Capital One Classic card.

Michael Woodburn, Chief Marketing Officer, Capital One said: “It’s always nice to get a little something extra and with spring just around the corner we wanted to offer people a small thank you for choosing Capital One.”

The £10 will be paid to everyone making a successful application between 6th and 31st March and will be credited to customer accounts within 45 days of the account being opened. Applications must be made directly through Capital One’s website.

Visit for full details.