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Acer V273HL LED monitor - Increased productivity and work efficiency

22nd March 2012 Print
Acer V273HL

Acer announces the new V273HL, the energy – efficient and earth-friendly LED monitor equipped with sharpening contrast ratio (100M: 1), fiery response time (5 ms), HDMI and DVI ports with HDPC support.

The V273HL offers a powerful display solution (1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz) which helps to enhance the productivity. The 27” large screen, with 16:9 aspect ratios, is ideal for office professionals, designers, researchers and display enthusiasts who want to view and process multiple applications, as word and graphic rendering, in parallel.

Thanks to its set of ports, the 27” V273HL ensures an easy connectivity to a wide range of devices: VGA; HDMI, DVI with HDCP protection, ensuring full enjoyment of DRM-protected content; HDMI, providing advanced digital connectivity enabling outstanding high-definition viewing and best quality uncompressed video currently available.

The V273HL integrates white LED technology which dismisses from any dangerous substances, such as mercury or halogen gases. The LED lamp ensures exceptional reliability, great savings and it delivers a much better performance. The color range will be larger and also with a better saturation: extraordinary realism, unobtainable with standard technologies, is simply the result.

V273HL has a classy, professional and solid look. The thin 27" monitor, with neat and tidy control buttons, is supported by a simple and poised front bezel in dark gray -silver, which rests on an elegant black base.

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Acer V273HL