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Stanford delivers 8 new Fiat Ducatto conversions

1st April 2012 Print
Exterior of Ruskins Minibus

The remaining four long wheel base Fiat Ducatto’s were delivered last month from Essex based minibus conversion specialists, Stanford Coachworks, to Ruskin Private Hire in London.

There were a total of 8 vehicles required for Ruskin’s disabled passenger transport division, each fitted with single Pheonix M1 tested frames, age seatbelts and a tracking system to accommodate up to 4 wheelchairs in place of removable seats.

Ruskins are currently growing in the welfare market and are expanding their services, with many areas in which Stanford Coachworks will be involved in offering further advice and manufacturing conversions.

“It’s great to see them expanding their portfolio of services and the new vehicles were required because of the expansion.

“We hope to continue the relationship we’ve built over the last few years.”

The Fiat minibus conversions are fully equipped with a Ricon S2036 inboard tail lift, manual side step with safety buzzer and the front passenger seats removed for additional ‘L’ shaped luggage pen. The welfare vehicles have been careful thought out for the safety and comfort of disability and special needs passengers.

For added comfort the Ducatto interiors include full ceiling lining, glazed rear doors and ceiling slider glass bonded windows, ply lined flooring with non slip covering and door, seat and window edging finished with soft feel lining.

A Moquette seat cover compliments each interior along with fabric roof panels and all the usual first aid kit, fire extinguishers and safety lighting and signage has been included.

Stanford Coachworks have hit the ground running in 2012 with many new clients coming on board due to smaller conversion companies having to fold due to economic constraints and regular clients expanding their fleet portfolio.

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Exterior of Ruskins Minibus Interior of Ruskins Minibus