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A great savings rate and flexibility if you need it

3rd April 2012 Print

A new fixed term savings bond from Yorkshire Building Society is offering investors a best buy interest rate of 3.2% gross/AER - with the option of earlier access to part of their balance if they need it.

The new flexible bond matures on 30th September 2013 but allows savers access to 20% of their total balance before that date without loss of interest.

Savers can make as many withdrawals as they like during the term of the bond without penalty as long as the total amount withdrawn does not exceed the 20% limit. Additional withdrawals over that limit are governed by the same rules as other fixed rate bonds.

"Customers with savings bonds have been asking us about greater access to their money before the end of the fixed term, so we are introducing this new type of savings product in response to that feedback," said Yorkshire Building Society product manager Mike Helliwell.

"We know our 18 month savings bonds are particularly popular with customers at the moment and the new flexible bond offers savers a great return as well as the added security of knowing they can access part of their cash if they need it before the product matures."

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