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Fuel-efficiency wins Iveco EcoStralis order with CFT Services

20th April 2012 Print
Iveco EcoStralis

Lancashire-based CFT Services has acquired 8 new ultra fuel-efficient Iveco ECOSTRALIS 6x2 mid-lift tractor units – and has an additional six identical vehicles due for delivery in September 2012.
The company trialled an ECOSTRALIS demonstrator prior to placing the order; and during a fortnight under the spotlight it recorded a 0.5mpg fuel saving measured against the fleet average.
Chris Flynn, Managing Director of CFT Services, which operates from sites in Heywood and Wednesbury, explains: “With diesel prices hitting record levels, a 0.5mpg saving on fuel can make a big difference to our overall vehicle operating costs.  Together with a competitive finance package from Iveco Capital, ECOSTRALIS made sound business sense.”
Flynn says the performance of the local dealer was also crucial to securing his business: “Guest Truck & Van in West Bromwich has gone out of its way to look after us.  A good truck is nothing without excellent dealer back-up; to-date they have really impressed.”
The new ECOSTRALIS’ join a 70-strong fleet of commercial vehicles and are each fitted with a GPS vehicle tracking system for added efficiency and security.  They will be used for long-haul national distribution, roaming the country and delivering primarily to supermarket regional distribution centres.  Each vehicle will be manned by a single driver and is expected to clock-up more than 100,000 miles per year – with servicing undertaken via the Iveco dealer network.
Iveco’s fuel-saving ECOSTRALIS model stands out from regular Stralis Active Space Super3 heavy trucks thanks to a re-mapped version of the FPT Cursor 10 engine, which helps to reduce fuel consumption whilst maintaining performance.  The EEV-rated 10.3 litre engine is capable of producing up to 460 hp and a maximum torque of 2,100 Nm between 1,050 and 1,550 rev/min.
The ECOSTRALIS also benefits from an extensive array of added features which includes a Blue&Me Fleet telematics system and an ECOSWITCH that uses the vehicle weight information from the ECAS / EBS systems to limit engine torque according to the gross vehicle weight – ensuring overall performance in line with that of a fully laden vehicle.   This allows fuel consumption to be minimised during acceleration without affecting overall speed capability.
ECOSTRALIS models also feature a EuroTronic transmission with a unique ECOfleet mode which automatically adjusts to the loading of the unit to fine-tune fuel economy.  Michelin X Energy SaverGreen low rolling resistance tyres, a higher gearing and an 85 km/h speed limiter contribute to the optimised fuel performance.
Together, the 14 ECOSTRALIS tractor units being delivered in 2012 join a further six Stralis Active Time tractors which went into service during December 2011 and January 2012.  The Stralis ATs operate 24/7 and are used largely in support of the Pallet Track network.

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Iveco EcoStralis