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INRIX Traffic app for iPhone and iPad gets drivers out of gridlock

24th May 2012 Print

INRIX, a leading international provider of traffic information and driver services, introduces a new app for the iPhone and iPad that helps drivers take control of their commute and avoid traffic. INRIX Traffic helps cut the cost of gridlock with the following time-saving features:

Your Fastest Routes to Home & Work: Drivers can easily decide which route is the best choice to get around today’s traffic. Only INRIX analyses the impact accidents, sporting events, concerts and other unique local events have on traffic to deliver the fastest routes with the least delay.

Recommended Departure & Travel Times: The INRIX Traffic Forecast Slider shows drivers the best options for avoiding frustrating delays now and in the future.

Share INRIX Arrival Times: Easily send your INRIX Arrival Time instantly to any contact with just a few taps.

Personalised Traffic Alerts: Drivers can uniquely tune their app to only alert them to accidents and other incidents causing delays along their route.

“We’re putting 100 million traffic reporters into the palm of your hand,” said Kevin Foreman, INRIX Vice President of Consumer Applications. “Our latest release helps drivers never be late again.”

INRIX Traffic is powered by the same company relied on by leading global automakers like Audi, Ford and Toyota. INRIX covers more roads with greater accuracy than any other traffic service delivering time and fuel-saving insight to drivers for more than one million kilometres of motorways, dual carriageways, city streets and heavily travelled local roads in Europe. INRIX uniquely combines insights from the world’s largest community of more than 100 million daily drivers with hundreds of other sources to deliver insight accurate within 3 kph of actual traffic speeds under all driving conditions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.