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Cambridge is the male grooming capital of the UK

22nd May 2012 Print

Sales data from shows that Cambridge is the ‘man-tenance’ capital of the UK with the highest number of male grooming products purchased per capita. 

The top 10 locations in the UK for male grooming are as follows (based on total number of male grooming products purchased since January 1 2012, per capita):

1. Cambridge
2. Nottingham
3. York
4. Manchester
5. Bristol
6. Southampton
7. Norwich
8. Oxford
9. Aberdeen
10. Reading

“Sales of male grooming products have increased 30% in the past year with the highest number of orders being placed on Sundays” said Sally Giles, Health & Beauty Store, Ltd. “It’s clear from the spread of cities that the old idea of beauty products being just for women is a view no longer held across the UK with men from Southampton all the way up to Aberdeen taking ‘man-tenance’ seriously.’’

The data also revealed:

Best smelling: Men in Manchester smell the sweetest, with the highest proportion of cologne and male fragrances sold here. Milton Keynes and Nottingham are the next biggest purchasers.

Best facial hair: The Suffolk town of Sudbury is home to a group of men who are the most interested in stylish facial hair, with its male population ordering the most beard trimmers, shavers and razors in the country. Reigate in Surrey and Leyland in Lancashire are second and third.

Smoothest: Cambridge men are the smoothest in the UK, with the most hair removal products sold. From male waxing strips to nasal hair trimmers, Cambridge’s men top the charts for fuzz-free skin, followed by York and Nottingham.

Bodybuilders: Barnsley boys are interested in building the body beautiful with the highest proportion of protein shakes, recovery drinks and fitness supplements ordered. York and Cambridge are in second and third place.

Best hair: Guildford’s male population have the best barnets, with sales of gels, styling creams, regrowth formulas and hair dye spiking in Surrey’s county town. Hertfordshire’s Hemel Hempstead and St Albans came in second and third respectively. has a full range of male grooming products available at