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The Great Outdoors: Why you should give camping a chance

23rd May 2012 Print

Camping has always been a popular alternative as a holiday trip for many reasons but in recent years that popularity has soared. If you have never been on a camping trip before and only have experience of hotels thus far, there are many reasons why you should consider breaking your habit and giving camping a go.

Freedom of the Great Outdoors
One thing that a camping holiday will give you that hotels never could is freedom. There are countless holiday campsites across the UK and all over the world so you will never have a shortage of choice. Even if you cannot find a site to suit you could even identify a location and then come to an arrangement with a local farmer, many of whom are happy to hire out their land for additional income.

That sense of freedom extends to packing and organisation too. If you are camping, you do not need to worry about cramming everything into your suitcase: just put it into the car or caravan and you are away.

Planning is free and easy too and with more short notice vacancies than you will find in hotels, you could literally make a decision to go camping and be on your way within the hour.

Closer to Nature
One of the great advantages with camping is that you can research ahead of time and choose your location depending on how quiet or lively you want it to be. Some sites are bustling locations with bars and activities on hand that are great for families but they can get a bit noisy if you just want to get away from it all.

At the other end of the spectrum, some areas are peaceful with barely another tent or caravan in sight and this is where you can experience true peace and quiet whilst you get back in touch with nature. Once again, this type of flexibility just can't be found with a hotel trip.

Reconnecting With Friends and Family
For many holidaymakers, camping is the one trip that brings families closer together. With such a close proximity in sleeping arrangements and with a whole host of activities on hand, it is impossible not to feel close to those travelling with you and as such, this might give you a rare opportunity for some true family time. You can even bring the family pet away with you, something that really is a non-starter for the majority of hotels out there.

Back to Basics
Although a hotel lays on all the luxuries and does everything for you, the appeal of camping is in having to do things for yourself once again. On a camping trip you have to prepare your own food for example and this is a skill that many of us have forgotten over the years.

Overall, a camping holiday has many advantages as opposed to you being limited by the restrictions that a hotel can put upon us. Above all, you are in charge of your time when it comes to meals, activities and much more and the freedom this kind of trip can give you just cannot be matched by anything else.

This guest post was written by Francesca on behalf of North Wales Borderlands.