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French farmland growing more attractive

7th June 2012 Print
Property in France

Trevor Leggett, managing director of leading French estate agency Leggett Immobilier, comments about the comparison of farmland prices in the UK and France:

"2012 has seen the price of UK farmland rise yet again (0.4% in the first three months) and the research team at Knight Frank have just announced that they are expecting further rises throughout the year. This means that in one of the toughest economic times for centuries farmers are having to pay record amounts for the land they need.

The average value of agricultural land in the UK is currently £6,073 an acre or £15,182.50 per hectare. At an exchange rate of 1.24 euros to the pound that equates to over €18,800 per hectare.

Compare this to agricultural land prices here in France. SAFER figures show that untenanted farmland cost an average of €5,430 per hectare last year - that's almost one third of the price! Leggett Immobilier are currently marketing over 100 working farms (of all types and with or without farmhouses) for sale across France and have seen a steady and growing increase in interest from across the channel.

I saw a farmer quoted recently as saying that farmland is a "safehaven" and that "the world's population is growing and that people will always need more food". Add in the fact that it is also tax efficient and undepinned by EU subsidies and it's no wonder that farmland is an attractive choice for investors - I simply believe that it's even more attractive in France. The price of English farmland has rocketed by more than 10,000% in the last 60 years and France certainly gives farmers a cheaper (and sunnier) option!"

Working sheep farm with 4 bedroom house plus barn plus 48 hectares (120 acres) of land plus small lake on the market for €288,900.

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Property in France