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MINI launch new range of Insured Warranty products

23rd April 2008 Print
MINI – in conjunction with Mondial Assistance - is now offering a new range of Insured Warranty products.

Insured Warranty products are available to drivers whose three-year new MINI manufacturer warranty - or one-year MINI Cherished warranty - is coming to an end.

There is now a choice of three levels of cover for those looking to extend their warranty protection beyond the manufacturer warranty period:

Comprehensive – the highest level of protection, covering the majority of the vehicle’s components. Note: this is not available to vehicles over 100,000 mileage at time of purchase.

Named Component Cover - mechanical and electrical breakdown cover for a specific range of parts. Note: this is not available to vehicles over 100,000 mileage at time of purchase.

DriveLine Cover – the basic level of warranty, covering the main engine, transmission and drive-train elements. Note: there are no mileage restrictions on availability.

One significant advantage of the new products is that customers can now choose to pay for their Warranty cover either in monthly or annual instalments. Each level of cover is also available with variable levels of excess – £0 (zero), £100 or £250 – which can be specified by the customer.

There is also the option to include 12 months MINI Insured Emergency Service with the policy.

Currently, the price for MINI Insured Warranty is the same for all MINIs in the range – regardless of model.

Customers whose new MINI warranty or MINI Cherished warranty is due to expire will be contacted one month prior to the expiry of their current warranty and cover can be arranged online or by telephone.

For more information and full details of cover visit: