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Nationwide increases rates on selected fixed rate bonds

3rd August 2012 Print

Nationwide Building Society has raised rates on selected Fixed Rate Bonds and e-Bonds by up to 0.20% and launching a two-year and three-year Fixed Rate Bond, available to maturing fixed rate bond customers only.

The new rates for annual interest will be between:

2.01% and 2.26% AER (2.00% and 2.25% gross p.a.) on the six-month Fixed Rate Bond and six-month e-Bond

2.45% and 2.70% gross p.a./AER on the one-year Fixed Rate Bond, one-year e-Bond and one-year SMART Fixed Rate Bond

2.65% and 2.90% gross p.a./AER on the two-year Fixed Rate Bond (available to maturing Fixed Rate Bond customers only)

2.85% and 3.00% gross p.a./AER on the three-year Fixed Rate Bond (available to maturing Fixed Rate Bond customers only)

The minimum opening balance on all Bond accounts is £1. The rate paid on all of the above Bonds depends on the balance of the account. All the rates noted are for annual interest. Monthly interest options are also available on all Nationwide Bonds.

Richard Marriott, Nationwide's Head of Savings, said:  "Nationwide's interest rate increase on its six-month and one-year Fixed Rate Bonds is good news for savers who are looking for a guaranteed rate of return in the continued low interest rate environment."

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