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Launch of the new generation Hyundai website

20th August 2012 Print
Hyundai website

Hyundai UK has launched its new consumer website, designed to be an intuitive, simple and engaging user experience for people looking to purchase a car.
Research conducted by Hyundai and other third parties suggests that whilst the internet is an integral part of the car purchasing process, consumers are finding the online experience complicated, irritating and ultimately dissatisfying. It revealed that 30% of people were unhappy with their final purchase (Source:
Understanding that it can be a very daunting process for consumers when trying to choose a car, Hyundai has developed new features for its website to help potential car buyers make more informed decisions.
A new tool called the ‘car chooser’ introduces the product range and helps customers work out which car will best suit their lifestyle and needs. Options such as: ‘I need room for seven people’ or ‘I’d like to spend £15,000’ can be selected, and then a list of the most appropriate models will be presented.
Ordering a new car and then realising you forgot to select those important options like satellite navigation can be extremely frustrating –especially if your sense of direction isn’t your strongest skill! This is why Hyundai has developed a new ‘car configurator’, which quickly and easily allows people to virtually build their perfect car in a few simple steps.
With so many different car models now available, it can be confusing and time consuming trying to compare and contrast them all. Hyundai has created ‘car profiles’ to offer as simple or as deep an understanding of the vehicle as customers require.
Once customers have chosen their ideal Hyundai, they’ll need to know if they can afford it. The ‘finance calculator’ enables users to tailor a finance solution that will suit them best. Filters can be altered depending on factors like the amount of deposit customers have, and clever functionality will recognise if the chosen car has a current finance offer, automatically adding it into the final calculation.
To ensure the website experience is simple and intuitive, the site delivers content that is relevant for individuals. For example, once a user has decided which Hyundai model they’re interested in, the homepage content will be tailored for their future visits.
Viewing has now been made easier with the new website working across all platforms - including tablet devices and mobile phones. The site has also been mobile optimised prioritising the functionality most popularly used by busy people on-the-go.
Andrew Cullis, marketing director, Hyundai UK commented: “Our main aim was to make the new website more engaging and user-friendly. We have developed a suite of new tools to help customers make informed decisions and choose a car that is absolutely right for them. Tailoring the website to the user will allow a much more relevant and customer-focused digital experience.”
To view the new Hyundai website, visit

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Hyundai website