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Air France, first major European airline to provide pilots with the iPad

25th September 2012 Print

Air France has announced it has started to equip all 4100 of its pilots with iPad at Air France. Qualified pilots on Boeing 777 aircraft are the first to receive iPad and all remaining Air France pilots will be using iPad by summer of 2013.

The iPad is reserved for use by Air France pilots on the ground only and will replace their current laptops.

It will eliminate the need for the paper documentation traditionally distributed to each pilot, they can download manuals of their choice anywhere in the world and are automatically informed of any updates.

Pilots can also access to terminal charts. A “Pilot Store is offering additional customised apps.  

The use of iPad will facilitate better communication processes by giving pilots the ability to electronically draft and dispatch regular reports, such as the Air Safety Report, Captain’s Report, and Security Report, at the conclusion of each flight. Quickly providing the type of feedback that improves flight safety.

“We’re always looking for new ways to enhance the safety and performance of our flights and Air France has bet on the innovation and the ease-of-use of iPad to help us do that,” said Eric Schramm, Air France executive vice president of Flight Operations and Boeing 777 captain. “Equipping our pilots with  iPads will simplify access to critical information and also strengthen vital communication channels within the company.”

Pilots will also have to ability to easily access the Air France intranet site for specific pilots services and send and receive emails. Beginning 2013, Air France pilots will also be able to use iPad to complete training courses, review aircraft systems and complete self-service briefings. Additionally, Air France is also working towards the implementation of Electronic Flight Bags in the cockpit for its pilots which will lead to greater convenience and efficiencies including lower flight weigh, less fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.