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Leeds launch fixed rate bonds with flexibility

22nd February 2013 Print

Leeds Building Society has launched a new range of fixed rate bonds paying up to 2.50% annually or 2.27% AER monthly, for those customers who require an income.

Furthermore, the 1, 2 and 5 year options allow access to 25% of the funds, without notice or penalty, at any time.
Kim Rebecchi, Leeds Building Society's Sales and Marketing Director said, "These new fixed rate bonds, which are available with interest paid annually or monthly, offer a combination of value and flexibility.
"Savers can benefit from a guaranteed competitive rate of return and the peace of mind associated with access to some of the funds in case of emergency or changes in the market. Available over 1, 2 or 5 years, all with monthly interest options for those customers who require an income, this range of products offer certainty and choice. Therefore, I anticipate many investors would benefit from this combination in their portfolio."
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