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Car boat sail

14th March 2013 Print

With many people taking their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations overseas, Peter Rodger - IAM Chief Examiner, offers advice on taking your vehicle on the ferry.

During busy times, such as religious holidays and festivals, the ferries will fill up quickly – book in advance to avoid disappointment on the day.

Measure the length, height and width of your vehicle beforehand, as you may be ask to specify the dimensions when you book your tickets.

Be aware that you may be charged more for taking your vehicle on the ferry if it is fitted with a rear bike rack or a roof rack. These should be included in the dimensions of your car.

When you are boarding the ferry, you will be asked to park as close as possible to the vehicle in front – but be sure to leave a small gap to lessen the chances of a bump.

Although carrying a spare fuel can may seem like a sensible idea, be aware that some ferry companies do not permit fuel cans on board, so it’s best to leave it at home.

Be patient when going to disembark the ferry as other vehicles may have parked very close to you, meaning you will have to wait for them to leave before disembarking yourself.

If someone else does get a bit too close, your insurance policy should cover any damage to your car while on any recognised ferry route.
Rodger said: “The ferry can be an efficient and cost-effective way of travelling within Europe with the added convenience of having your car with you. Following guidelines and procedures throughout your journey will ensure you have a hassle-free and enjoyable St’ Patrick’s Day weekend. And remember, if you’re driving, don’t drink – make it none for the road.”