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Electricity pioneers invest in Ampera

30th April 2013 Print
Vauxhall Ampera

One of the UK’s first suppliers of electricity and leading distributor of electrical equipment, Edmundson Electrical has invested in three Amperas, the award-winning extended-range electric vehicle (E-REV) from Vauxhall.
Edmundson Electrical’s Barking office Branch Manager, Jo Ellis has completed his first 4,000 miles in his Ampera. “I rely on my car for work and cover relatively high mileage each month including a daily commute of over 35 miles from my home to the office,” said Jo. “The E-REV technology in the Ampera means I get all of the benefits of an electric car but with none of the disadvantages such as range-anxiety. It feels just like a normal car.”
As part of Edmundson’s commitment to the environment, Jo has had electric vehicle charging facilities installed at both his home and his work place. Ellis’s Ampera, which will cover around 100,000 miles over its four years on the company’s fleet, has been joined by the arrival of the second Ampera, which will be driven by Danny Fegan, Branch Manager of the St Helen’s office. They will shortly be joined by a third Ampera at the Twickenham branch.
“Colleagues and friends have also commented on how smooth and quiet the electric motor is and were surprised that it feels like a normal car. I sometimes need to do a 500-mile trip in one day, long journeys are effortless, comfortable and relaxing, and the interior is very refined,” Ellis added.
Fleet Marketing and Motability Manager, Paul Adler said: “We are delighted that a company with such heritage has chosen to use Vauxhall’s ground-breaking Ampera. I am confident that the company will continue to enjoy the versatility, durability and fuel savings from their Amperas.”
Edmundson Electrical which was founded by Joshua Edmundson in 1801, went on to become one of the first suppliers of electricity in the UK and is now one of the leading distributors of electrical equipment to trade and industry.

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Vauxhall Ampera