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Life’s little luxuries - takeaways, bubble baths and a cheeky pint

9th May 2013 Print

A massage, a weekly take-away, enjoying a quiet pint and treating yourself to a lottery ticket have emerged on a list of modern life’s little luxuries, a study has revealed. Researchers found we also rate dozens of simple everyday things like a soak in the bath, curling up to watch a box set and buying flowers for yourself as ‘luxuries’.

Other luxury items Brits like to treat themselves to include boxes of chocolates, spray tans, a six pack of beers and a night in front of the telly.

Even affordable items like magazines, thick toilet roll and new lipsticks and nail varnish were classed as luxuries in an otherwise stringent lifestyle – as was indulging in a nice dessert once a week.

The study by Müller de Luxe Corner, the new luxurious range of yoghurts, found that three quarters of the 2000 adults polled said that indulging in little luxuries in times of austerity helped to cheer them up.

Half admitted a small treat was harmlessm and that it was impossible to be frugal all the time.

A spokesman for Müller de Luxe Corner said: ”There is a real appetite for an everyday moment of indulgence in the current climate, as shown by these findings.

”It doesn’t have to be something lavish and expensive, the things that make you smile can be relatively affordable and then allow for greater frequency, of which the resounding effects that can have to your sense of well being are immeasurable.

”There’s a lot to be said for enjoying the pleasure of now.”

And it would seem the best things in life are free, as gossiping with friends and a bubble bath were also on the list.

However, the typical person would treat themselves to just two little luxuries in an average month.

The biggest contributing factor for splurging on a luxury item was a hard day at work, followed by the item being cheaper, with vouchers or a reduced price proving a temptation.

Other reasons for a little pick-me up include bad weather and as sympathy after a row with the other half.

One in ten said that a little blow-out every now and then did them good, particularly if they have been saving money for a while.

And nearly two-thirds of those polled said that women were more likely to find any excuse to treat themselves to a luxury, and one in five have rowed with a partner over the amount of treats they spoil themselves to.

More than half said that if they were struggling financially there are still some things they could absolutely not go without, with the top item being internet service.

A spokesman for Müller de Luxe Corner said: ”What one person classes as a luxury may differ to another, but spoiling yourself every now and then is clearly still fundamental to our customers.”

Aspirational moments everyday can have such a positive influence, occasionally splashing out on more indulgent desserts and luxury food items won’t break the bank.”

Life’s little luxuries
1. A nice dessert
2. Having a takeaway once a week
3. A box of chocolates
4. Taking a day off to do ‘nothing’
5. A night in with a bottle of wine
6. Buying flowers for yourself
7. Starting a new book
8. Buying a luxurious brand instead of your usual ‘supermarket own’ brand
9. Having a massage
10. A glossy magazine

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