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Teach your kids math while making cookies

Teach your kids math while making cookies

Kids love cookies, but moms and dads may avoid making these sweets very often. They worry about teaching good eating habits, obesity, and more. Wouldn't it be nice if making cookies could be an educational activity, one that parents wouldn't need to feel guilty about?

Glenn Keiper Jr. and The Secret to BBQ

Glenn Keiper Jr. is one of the top surgeons in his field. Though he has dedicated much of his life to studying and practicing medicine, other skills involve precision and hard work. Glenn Keiper Jr. is a highly influential cook that uses specialized tools to barbecue.

4 effortless ways to eat healthy meals at work

4 effortless ways to eat healthy meals at work

In recent years, we have come to realize the significance of healthy eating habits. Healthy food is essential not only because it does away with the fear of illness but also because it helps you live a full and happy life. Eating healthy is equally important for everyone, whether you are a college student or a post-retirement individual.

Quick and easy tips to get you started in the kitchen

Quick and easy tips to get you started in the kitchen

Should you want to start spending more time in the kitchen, you have to transform it into a place you’ll enjoy. Once you feel like spending time in the kitchen and do the grocery shopping regularly, you’ll start cooking in no time.

Karen V. Davison's tips for creativity in the kitchen

Karen V. Davison's tips for creativity in the kitchen

Home cooking often means relying on a set of go-to recipes. They are quick, easy, and don’t require a lot of thought. But, cooking the same dishes, day in and day out, can get boring.

The problem with the ‘Blue Planet effect’

We’re waging war on single-use plastics, such as straws and bottles, after witnessing marine life struggle and suffer through swathes of plastic.

Quirky catering ideas for corporate events

In today’s world, most businessmen and women live a health-conscious lifestyle and would likely opt for a Mediterranean-style scrambled egg breakfast or an avocado shake over the traditional English fry-up.

How our glittering oceans became plastic soup

Our oceans are blighted with plastic waste. Globally, we're creating over 300 million tonnes of plastic every year, as it is a cheap and adaptable form of packaging.

Inspired waste solutions

We are already creating approximately 2.12 billion tonnes of waste around the world every single year, and this figure is set to increase to 4 billion tonnes in 2100.

How are British supermarkets tackling the epidemic food waste problem?

Every day there is a story in the news about waste — from food waste to plastics — which has lead Theresa May to pledge to eliminate plastic by 2042.

How much waste is produced in the UK?

Businesses need to understand the importance of waste management — regardless of their industry. Sometimes, it is something that eager entrepreneurs don’t consider when they’re setting up their own businesses.

Cost-effective tips that can help you open your own Café

Do you have a dream of being able to open your own café but don’t feel you’ve got the finances to make that dream a reality?

Overview of the UK’s organic farming

Despite its rapid growth, organic farming only occupies one per cent of cropland across the globe. With so much available land, it raises the question of would it be beneficial to take the necessary steps to become an organic farmer?

Curry Diet

People looking to detox and maybe shed a few pounds in January following the excesses of the festive season, are being advised not to leave curry off their diet in the New Year, by an award-winning Kent restaurateur.

Voice of curry industry welcomes 'takeaway tax'

Voice of curry industry welcomes 'takeaway tax'

Yawar Khan, the Chairman of the Asian Catering Federation (ACF), which represent the interests of 35,000 restaurants and takeaways in the UK, has given a guarded welcome to Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s proposal to introduce a levy on single use plastic packaging.