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How grocery stores can build a winning loyalty program

1st March 2022 Print

If you have opened a grocery store, you may be considering ways that you can increase the number of customers who come through your doors. There’s a lot to think about when you run your own grocery store, including hiring the best staff and shipping in the right products to sell to your customers. However, if you want to increase how many customers you have, it’s time for you to focus on your marketing. A good way to retain the loyalty of your customers is to invest in a loyalty program for your grocery store. Here are some ways you can get started.

Think of your rewards

The best grocery loyalty programs always put their clients at the heart of their schemes. After all, you have introduced this loyalty program to influence them to come back and purchase more products at your store. As you are the owner of a grocery store, it is very likely that your rewards may be in relation to discounts on food, drink and other house supplies. Take a look at what you sell in your store and what can be used to reward your customers. You may want to offer discounts, free products or even giveaways and competitions.

Point collections

It’s important to keep loyalty schemes simple for the sake of your customers. That is why your grocery store may want to consider using a point collection loyalty scheme. Grocery stores, like Sainsburys, use a point collection card scheme to give clients access to discounts and offers at many other different stores. These stores can be online or in-person. These types of point cards can even be linked to a website to show customers what they can win or have for a discount. It can also display the number of points that have been earned by the client over time. That’s why it’s perfect for grocery stores that are looking for simple loyalty schemes.

Bonus Loyalty Programs 

Another idea for a grocery store loyalty scheme is in relation to the power of bonuses. Everyone likes having a discount on a product; however, you could use a loyalty card to build up a bonus savings balance. That means if a client pays for a certain product, the price could allow the client to add a little money to their loyalty card. This is similar to saving stamps. The only difference is that it can be checked online and the balance can be updated at any time. It can also be useful for a client that is struggling to pay for a certain product on their normal card. 

Digital Coupons

Of course, you need to focus on your online marketing if you own a grocery store. If a client signs up to your loyalty scheme, you can send them emails with rewards. A nice and simple way to build customer loyalty is through email marketing. Include digital coupons or discounts in your emails. You may even want to make themed discounts for different holidays throughout the year. 

With these things in mind, you will be able to make the first sets towards building a winning loyalty program for your grocery store.