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Top 5 benefits of flexible packaging for the food industry

22nd July 2021 Print

Becoming a popular trend in the food industry, many brands are starting to see the multitude of benefits available from switching to flexible packaging. Whether it is products for the supermarket, takeaway packaging for food on-the-go or convenient packaging for food caterers, businesses of all kinds can make use of flexible packaging.

1. Save yourself some money

The less material needed, the less impact on your bank account! Flexible packaging is a more affordable solution as it requires less layers and follows a simple design. Although the nature of the packaging is much simpler, it is designed using films that keep the content secure from leakages and maintain an airtight finish. By switching to such an innovative type of packaging, all the money that you have saved on your food packaging can be allocated elsewhere, growing your business without having to make any risky decisions or sacrifices. 

2. Better for our environment

Making environmentally friendly decisions is a huge part of a business, reducing your carbon footprint and doing your part for the bigger picture. Flexible packaging is considered a more sustainable choice as it requires less resources to produce an effective solution. As well as being more sustainable during the manufacturing process, the materials can be reused and recycled, increasing their lifespan to minimise the amount of single use packaging that makes its way to landfill sites.

3. Easier to store and transport

The lightweight nature of flexible packaging improves operations all around, making your business life easier than ever before. Their light and compact properties makes storing much easier, requiring less space so bulk orders can be made to enhance processes from a time, money and efficiency perspective. As well as this, getting orders out to customers will be easier due to reduced space taken up, sending out more packages to get the most from transport space.

4. Keep food nice and fresh

Being one of the biggest obstacles for businesses in the food industry, keeping produce fresher for longer is a must. Flexible packaging keeps the contents safe from external threat such as direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, contaminants such as dust and moisture. The airtight nature is ideal for maintaining the condition of the goods inside for as long as possible, increasing shelf life so customers can enjoy a fresh and tasty treat every time.

5. One solution for all

The versatile properties of flexible packaging means that it can be used for food products of all kinds. Whether its colourful candy, granola filled with goodness or delicious coffee granules, flexible packaging is available in various shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the supplier. The flexible material can be bent into different shapes to suit your product range, creating the appearance you desire and allowing you to serve up the perfect portions. As well as this, the packaging can be presented standing up or laying down, allowing you to design the packaging as you please to make a statement.