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Struggling to keep up with the confusing Kardashians? You're not alone

10th May 2013 Print

What makes you New research from the price comparison website reveals the top 10 things that the British public are most confused by.
According to the findings, the question on the majority of Brits' lips (41%) is 'What is the obsession with the Kardashians?'
Despite the fact their hit reality TV show has more than 4 million viewers, many people are still baffled by their popularity.
It's not just reality TV stars that leave the public in a state of bewilderment. The age-old question of 'which came first - the chicken or the egg?' also sends people into a spin (28%).
People aren't just questioning where chickens and eggs originated, with 26% of people also admitting that they're confused by the big bang theory (the actual theory, not the TV show!).
Brits are equally confused as to why a freephone number isn't actually free to call from a mobile (26%). This is closely followed by the mystery surrounding Google's magical algorithm, with 18% of people confused by how Google really works.
Another question posing problems for people is how we actually know that fish have short memories - did someone wire Nemo up to find this out? It's not just fish that create confusion for the general public, with cats also causing a fair amount of intrigue: 8% of Brits question why cats purr.
The top ten situations British people find confusing:

What confuses Brits? - Percentage befuddled

1 The obsession with the Kardashians 41%
2 Which came first - the chicken or the egg? 28%
3 The big bang theory 26%
4 Why a freephone number isn't free from a mobile 26%
5 How we know goldfish have short memories 25%
6 Why there's no naturally-occurring blue food 23%
7 Why people pout (doing the ‘duck face') in Instagram photos 23%
8 What blind people see when they dream 22%
9 Why we yawn, and why it's contagious 21%
10 How Google really works 18% add clarity to confusing situations
Not satisfied to allow people to go on in a state of perplexity, is stepping in to clear people's confusion about certain situations.
Today (Friday 10 May), is releasing a series of short humorous videos, answering questions such as:

What is a meme?
Is it possible to overdose on bananas?
Why is yawning contagious?
Where does belly button fluff come from?
To see the videos, visit
In addition, is inviting social media users to pose their confusing situations on Twitter, using the #ConfusedDotCom hashtag.
And, on Wednesday 15 May,'s eccentric scientist will be replying to the confusing situations with short reactive videos. Over the course of the day, aims to clear up as many of Twitter users' confusions as possible.
Sharon Flaherty, Head of Content at, says: "People appear to be confused by many scenarios; and, as our research shows, the Kardashians are at the top of the list.
"By creating a series of videos we hope to provide people with explanations to some of life's big mysteries. As our video shows, everyday oddities such as belly button fluff can be explained in a fashion that's both scientific and comedic."