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The ‘cut off point’ - womens’ hairstyles must ‘mature’ at 46

21st August 2013 Print

The age of 46 has been revealed as the ‘cut off point’ for a woman’s hair – amid a realisation she can no longer keep her beloved younger style. Experts found moving closer to 50 than 40 marks the time when most women are forced to look in the mirror and make the difficult decision of a choosing a style for their older years.

As a result many lose their long flowing locks in favour of shorter, more cultured styles, which are deemed a bit more in keeping with their advancing years.

The study also found this to be the age when visible root regrowth, heavily bleached hair, extensions and ponytails are considered no-no’s.

A spokeswoman for Nurture Replenish, which commissioned the study among 2,000 women over 40, said:

”Our skin isn’t the only aspect of our appearance affected by the aging process, hair is a big giveaway.

”But whether you want to embrace the grey or cover it up, it’s the condition of hair that will make the difference between gran and glam.

”But it appears that as well as the condition of our hair, women are conscious of the style they have as they get older.

”Forty-six is a watershed year for many women and we are all conscious of not getting stuck in a style rut as we age.

”Many women feel they need to adapt their hair as they get older as the style that suited us in our twenties may not necessarily work in our fifties, not only that but trends change with hair just as they do with make-up and clothes.

”Lots of women seem to think that you should ditch the long locks and hair dye as you get older, but the main thing is your hair is nourished and healthy looking, the rest is down to personal taste.”

The poll also found that once a female reaches her forties her hair lacks volume and shine, and a third said they are fighting a losing battle with the grey, which often begins at 43.

One third of women said they dreaded having a hairstyle that others deemed ‘old fashioned’, or that of an elderly lady.

But the results showed most women didn’t master the perfect hair-do until they got to the age of 36.

But one in five of those over 40 polled now described their hair as ‘ruined’ or ‘damaged’ and a quarter said it was completely flat.

Nearly half of women polled confessed to spending more on their hair as they age.

One third of said they think grey hair aged a woman more than lines and wrinkles, while one in five would rather their hair appeared more youthful than their skin.

Only 16% of those polled said their hair was healthy, with split ends, dull hair and snapped off hair on the list of grumbles.

Nearly a fifth said their hair was poor in their 40′s and 50′s because of years of colouring and styling.

But 17% said it was down to just ageing.

Perhaps not surprisingly, women over 40 said their hair was in its prime condition when they were in their twenties.

And the poll also found women are only really happy with the way their hair looks for three days a week.

Interestingly the study also found out of the seven different styles the typical woman has she regrets just two.

Many of the women polled said they said they embarked on DIY hair care with 60% claiming to have cut their own fringe.

Bleaching hair with lemon juice and washing hair with beer were also listed as at-home hair treatments.

A spokeswoman for Nurture Replenish added: ”With 44% of women saying they notice their friends hair before their skin or make-up, It’s not surprising women worry about their hair as they age.”

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