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Jaguar Land Rover - new era of in-vehicle smartphone app connectivity

10th September 2013 Print

Jaguar Land Rover is pleased to announce Jaguar InControl Apps and Land Rover InControl Apps, new smartphone integration platforms that will launch a new era of in-vehicle app connectivity. InControl Apps will be introduced in new Jaguar Land Rover vehicles from 2014.
The company has worked with BOSCH SoftTec to develop a class-leading product that will allow Jaguar and Land Rover customers to interact with compatible applications installed on their smartphone. A defining advantage of the platform is that it is compatible with both Android and Apple devices via the innovative in-vehicle touch screens featured in the latest Jaguar and Land Rover models.
Jaguar Land Rover and BOSCH SoftTec have been working closely with some of the world’s leading application developers to deliver apps that are perfectly tailored for in-vehicle use, but which retain essential features and functions that make them familiar and intuitive for customers to use.
Customers will simply need to download the appropriate Jaguar or Land Rover application from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. This will enable a connection to be made with the vehicle and allow access to apps that are compatible with the Jaguar InControl Apps or Land Rover InControl Apps platform. Another benefit of the Jaguar Land Rover system is that customers will be able to upgrade with ease whenever new apps become available, or those that they have installed gain new features or functions.
Details of the application support framework that will support the new platform will be announced later.
Nick Gionis, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Engineer Infotainment, said: “We are giving customers the opportunity to enjoy the great benefits of accessing their favourite apps while in their vehicle, whether it’s to plan a better journey, keep up to date with business, enjoy the best entertainment or monitor their social media channels.
“Through our work with BOSCH SoftTec we have ensured that Jaguar InControl Apps and Land Rover InControl Apps are designed to work with equal functionality with both Android and Apple smartphones, which means no compromise for the customer.
“With the benefit of this comprehensive approach, we are now looking forward to working further with the world’s leading app developers to ensure a fantastic range of products are available when the platform begins its roll-out next year.”