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Infiniti’s Q30 concept gets ministerial seal of approval

13th September 2013 Print

Infiniti’s Q30 Concept, making its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, received a special visit from Business Minister Michael Fallon who confessed: "You only have to take one look at the car to see this is a car that leaps out at you. I love it."
Speaking on the Infiniti stand in Frankfurt after inspecting the Q30 Concept, the minister said the decision to build the new premium model in the UK represented, "an extraordinary vote of confidence in Sunderland, the North East and the British car industry."
The minister, from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, said the move was an important new chapter in British motor manufacturing 30 years after the plant - one of the world's most efficient - was opened.
"We have seen even in the downturn a remarkable shift up the value chain with people buying more premium cars. I am just delighted the car will get built in Sunderland.
"The British car industry is enjoying the most extraordinary renaissance with the most flexible workforce, a much greater degree of innovation and research and development, and a very strong partnership between industry and government that bodes well for the future.
"Eighty per cent of the vehicles made in Britain are exported. We are not just making cars, we are making money from making cars. It is good for our balance of trade and good for the future so we can attract more youngsters into the automotive industry. People are building careers and lives through the investment (Infiniti) is making."
Fintan Knight, Vice President at Infiniti, said that the Q30 Concept is a provocative and attractive urban sports design well suited to Europe and the UK and that Infiniti is happy that it expands its commitment to the UK which now includes a new design centre in Paddington, The Infiniti Red Bull Racing team based in Milton Keynes and an elite technical team in Cranfield.
"Our new concept has clearly struck a distinctive chord with people " said Mr Knight. "It is another tangible sign, after the new Q50, that a truly  dynamic global premium brand vision is emerging. As the Business Minister said, it's a car that leaps out at you. And it does so with all the passion, provocation and innovation people expect of Infiniti."

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