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Trusty Passat drives James to the moon and back without a fault

25th September 2013 Print
Trusty Passat drives James to the moon and back without a fault

When James Hignett was looking for a new car to use for his taxi business ten years ago, he reckoned a Volkswagen Passat might just fit the bill.

He could get one straight off the production line and even enjoy a bit of a discount because of a family connection at Volkswagen.

Today, a staggering 466,117 miles later without a single breakdown, James reckons he has got full value for the £13,000.01 he gave for the 1.9 litre diesel estate back in May 2003.

And having decided the time was right to trade in the trusty old Passat, James has naturally plumped for another Volkswagen as its replacement, and even earned a £500 trade-in from his local car retailer, Corkills Volkswagen in Wigan.

James, 70, of Southport, said he had loved every moment of driving the car – and only decided to change it when an airbag warning light developed a fault.

The mileage – just about enough to take James to the moon and back, or to circumnavigate the globe nearly 20 times – was clocked up largely on airport trips around the North West and on James’ regular taxi beat in Preston.

But leisure trips to visit friends and family across the country added to the Passat’s workload, with the car never once letting the father-of-five down.

“I cannot fault the car in any way. It has been absolutely terrific. The only reason I have given it up is that this airbag light has come on and it would not be worth repairing. But it has never let me down and has been a pleasure to drive,” said James, who retired two years ago.

“I got it at a bit of a discount because my daughter-in-law worked for Volkswagen at the time and was entitled to a family rate. The thing which really sticks in my mind is that extra penny on the £13,000 which I had to pay.

“But I reckon I must be responsible for quite a few Volkswagen sales around Preston and Southport because passengers have been so impressed by how many miles it has done without a problem and want to know what it is. I got lots of them wanting to look at the mileage on the clock because it was so unusual.

“I loved driving it so much that when I was not working we would just jump into it and go somewhere. We've been to Glasgow, London, Southampton and all over in it. When it came time to change it, it was natural to have another Volkswagen because I have been so happy with this one.”

Because of his work, James had the Passat serviced every three months, and apart from a new clutch and sump it has required only routine maintenance and a new set of tyres every year to keep it on the road.

James said staff at Corkills Volkswagen in Wigan could scarcely believe the mileage when he took the Passat in and that he was now loving driving its replacement – a 2012 Polo 1.2S which he picked up for just less than £7,500.

Corkills Volkswagen’s Business Manager Lee Taylor said the car was easily the highest mileage vehicle staff at the garage had seen.

“When James came in he said he was looking at part-exchanging a Passat with half a million miles on the clock and we thought he was kidding, but it is absolutely remarkable.

“I have been selling cars here for thirteen years and I have never seen anything which comes even close to this and I know none of my colleagues have either. James said the Passat had served him really well and it was a car he always trusted to start every day.

“He loves the Polo he bought from us and says he will always stick with Volkswagen.”

For more information on the wide range of new and used Volkswagens on offer at Corkills, visit

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Trusty Passat drives James to the moon and back without a fault