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Give prescription glasses a second look

9th October 2013 Print

In the past, prescription glasses were seen as simply a necessity. Cheap glasses were often hard to come by and things like fashion, style and design weren’t always top priority. Until now that is!

Ozeal Glasses is determined to change the market of designer glasses so that everyone has the chance to wear stylish and fashionable Eyewear. The company offers a wide range of novel designs so as to cater for the masses. Their prescription glasses are available for both men and women and there are different styles to suit every personal preference.

Their collection of designer glasses includes rimless, vintage, cat eye and even nerd glasses. Each style of cheap glasses is available in various colors and color combinations which make them easy to pair up with suitable outfits. This is all part of the company’s plan to make prescription Eyewear one of the most popular fashion accessories out there.

Ozeal Glasses also understand the importance of price and value for money. Trendy fashion style always comes at a price but the company feels that designer Eyewear need not break the bank. In fact, their main target is to encourage shoppers to splash out and get a few pairs. One pair can be dedicated to work and home use while another frame can be worn to black tie events and another still for casual days or evenings out. Consider implementing the same principles with glasses as you do with your footwear.

You see the stars roaming around showing off their flashy sunglasses and there really is no reason that the same can’t be done with prescription eyeglasses. So, instead of hanging on to the fashion trends of five or ten years ago, Ozeal is aiming to help people burst out of their comfort zone and explore the many options available.

Their glasses are also available in a number of different materials ranging from plastic to memory metal and even a combination of materials. For each pair, the materials used will largely determine the overall weight of the glasses and will be one of the important deciding factors during any purchase.

What’s more is that the company website is really easy to navigate with a number of handy features to help shoppers find exactly what they are looking for in a matter of minutes. Shoppers can select the men’s or women’s range and then use the search criteria options on the left hand side to help narrow down their search. Options to choose from include color, collection, materials, price, frame type and shape. By clicking on a particular pair of glasses, shoppers can read more about that particular pair and even make use of the virtual try on feature.

Check out Ozeal’s trendy and fashion style range here and don’t forget their 60 day free return policy: