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MG Owners’ Club supports MG sports car production at Longbridge

12th February 2007 Print
Yu Jianwei President of Nanjing Automobile Corp receives an MGOC flag from Richard Monk and Roger Parker of the MGOC The MG Owners’ Club is delighted to support the confirmed resumption of volume MG sports car production at Longbridge, Birmingham in the English Midlands.

After many in depth conversations with Nanjing Automobile Corporation (NAC) a ‘trusted partnership’ has grown between the MG Owners Club and NAC where the Club has been able to advise on MG’s rich historical heritage and how the brand can best be resurrected in former markets and projected into new ones. The Club played an integral part of the recent MG brand launch into China, the world’s fastest growing economy and already second largest car market.

Some MG enthusiasts have expressed concern over the transfer of ownership of the MG brand from its ancestral home of the UK and that a lack of understanding or appreciation of MG history may change the brand perceptions. However, the MG Owners’ Club is able to help allay such concerns by confirming that NAC has displayed a deep understanding and respect for the MG brand’s traditions and history.

The MG marque enjoys a unique position and enthusiastic following all around the world, even in areas where new MGs have not been sold for over 25 years while the MG Owners’ Club remains the world’s largest independent single marque car club with in excess of 40,000 subscribing members.

NAC is aware that MG enthusiasts form a huge potential resource and market place for new MG cars, indeed they wish to capitalise on the great affection for MG. This is demonstrated by their clear and substantial commitment in restoring the Longbridge factory to a full production facility with an on site Research and Development capability. Which confirms their understanding of how important it is to have a positive UK based MG operation keeping a direct and active link with the ancestral home of MG. In addition there are genuinely exciting plans in respect to new developments and future investment.

The MG Owners’ Club looks forward to a continued and productive relationship with NAC and the growth of the MG brand so that many other enthusiasts will be able to enjoy that unique MG experience.

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Yu Jianwei President of Nanjing Automobile Corp receives an MGOC flag from Richard Monk and Roger Parker of the MGOC