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NAC MG receives worldwide interest in new dealer network

27th June 2007 Print
In the run-up to the commercial launch of the new MG TF 2-seater sportscar, NAC MG (UK) has received an overwhelming response to their request for applications to become an MG franchised dealer. The high level of enthusiasm has not only come from retailers within the UK, but also from those located as far afield as Greece and South Africa.

The majority of applicants in the UK, a key market for MG cars, are former MG franchise dealers who continue to demonstrate a passion for the brand and are equally keen to apply their extensive knowledge of the product, marque and client base.

Further enquiries have also been received from other manufacturer franchises which include Citroen, Lotus, Renault, Mitsubishi, Mercedes and Vauxhall, highlighting the renewed confidence in the brand. Potential UK locations for the newly established dealers span nationwide from Northern Ireland to the Channel Islands.

Commenting on the large volume of applications which NAC MG (UK) has received to become part of the new MG retail network, Stephen Cox, Sales and Franchising Manager for NAC MG (UK) explains: “We are delighted by the global interest which we have received and are also very encouraged by the high quality of the applicants. This is a true demonstration of the continued appeal of the MG brand, and an illustration of the confidence in a very promising future.”