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XPart continues worldwide MG Rover parts availability

25th August 2009 Print
XPart As XPart celebrates its fifth anniversary on 27th August 2009, motor traders around the globe are still able to service and repair MG Rover cars using genuine parts, thanks to the company’s continuing efforts to ensure a steady supply of parts in the wake of the manufacturer’s collapse in April 2005. Having acquired the MG Rover parts business in August 2004, XPart has worked tirelessly to maintain high levels of availability across all major product groups, helping to provide business continuity for over 700 MG Rover dealers worldwide and establishing a strong global network of importers, wholesalers and MG Rover specialist AutoService centres, 250 of whom are based in the UK.

“We have a team of experienced purchasing specialists constantly analysing demand, stock levels and new sources of supply in order to keep high availability levels,” comments Craig Cooper, general manager, XPart. “By continuing to supply high quality parts to former MG Rover dealers and independent garages worldwide, we provide ongoing opportunities for repairers to service the two million MG Rover cars still on the roads. With approximately half of those cars in the UK there continues a particularly strong market for MG Rover service and repair. We provide full technical support for all our outlets, and deliver parts all over Europe from our base in Desford, Leicestershire, offering a next day delivery service before 8am in many countries.”

Despite the initial challenges posed by the demise of MG Rover and the transfer of MG Rover tooling to China, XPart has developed a strong relationship with the new Chinese owners of the MG brand, and has also maintained supply agreements with original MG Rover parts suppliers. Both initiatives have helped to keep parts availability high, with XPart purchasing over 250,000 parts off original tooling from China since the new manufacturer began production of MG Rover parts at its new manufacturing facility in 2007. In July 2008, the company secured a deal with MG Motor UK, to supply and distribute replacement parts for the new MG TF car.

“While MG Rover parts supply remains at the core of XPart’s activity, recent developments have seen us invest in the lucrative New MINI servicing market, with over 100 of our 250-strong UK network opting to become New MINI specialists,” continues Cooper. “We have also channelled a great deal of energy into our All-Makes programme, which allows franchise dealers to establish their own local factoring operation with a relatively low level of investment. We look forward to sustaining high levels of availability in all three areas and will continue to keep a strong focus on maintaining the national and international MG Rover vehicle parc for as long as possible.”

For further information on XPart and its worldwide network of MG Rover AutoService centres and parts wholesalers, visit

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