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Roaming app set to slash the cost of using your mobile abroad

29th July 2014 Print

Roamer, the low-cost roaming app, has launched a major update designed to bring savings of up to 97% off mobile phone bills to international travellers in over 200 countries, making it even easier to use your mobile while abroad.

Roamer’s technology enables users to simply link their regular mobile number to a local SIM card for an easy and comprehensive roaming experience, including low-cost calls and locally priced data.

Customers can now also use Roamer via Wi-Fi in order to make calls from their own number, without the need to swap their SIM card. This makes contacting those at home even easier, particularly for short breaks and business trips. There is no need to set up a specific time to contact friends, family or colleagues via a tablet or computer with a fixed internet connection.

This method is significantly more convenient than traditional services that have been popular among travellers, such as Voice over IP (VoIP), because it does not rely on the person back at home having to subscribe to or download a specific service. The person at the other end of the call simply dials or answers the call – their experience will be no different from normal.

Roamer co-founder, Simon Rabin, said: "Our beta customers have already reaped the benefits of Roamer while on their travels. With the proliferation of mobile use in everyday life, there is really no excuse in hitting consumers with excessive roaming charges anymore. Roamer is the easy, cost-effective alternative specifically designed to fill a distinct gap in the market.”

Roamer allows travellers to make and receive calls abroad using their own number, without incurring exorbitant international roaming charges. Despite recent changes in European legislation which seek to regulate these charges, consumers are still footing unnecessarily high mobile phone bills. Outside of the EU, less regulation and industry collaboration exists and operators are able to impose even higher surcharges on customers. Wider industry alternatives have often been fragmented and complicated, with no single solution designed to meet customer needs.

In response to this, over the last three months alone, Roamer has experienced a 40% increase in call-usage with users now benefiting from significant savings of up to 97% on international roaming charges.

“Following our recent funding and business growth, in the near-future we plan to widen Roamer’s offering to include a SIM delivery service, where business travellers and holidaymakers will be able to order a local SIM card in advance of travel. We also plan to extend the number of languages available within the app. These updates will further enhance the ease and accessibility of Roamer, ensuring that our customers encounter an even simpler, yet cost-effective mobile experience while abroad,” said Petr Antropov, co-founder, Roamer. 

The app also offers customers an entirely transparent pricing structure. Roamer is free to download and is available on the App Store and GooglePlay, with users simply topping-up their account on a pay-as-you-go basis. The exact cost of each call is transparent and made easily available to the customer in real-time. There is no need to navigate complicated mobile roaming price plans, purchase add-ons, or query seemingly excessive surcharges after an international trip.

Accessing voicemail via the app is completely free – users can record a personalised greeting and Roamer emails each message to the user directly as an MP3 file. Additionally, Roamer plans to launch its own local SIM card delivery service for popular travel destinations; users will then be able to buy a low-cost data connection within the app.

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